- Battle of the Talented Trios. ♥

- Battle of the Talented Trios. ♥
Welcome to the Battle of the Talented Trios. This is a battle group that will test your set making skills, creativity, & fashion sense.
Battle of the Talented Trios – BOTT for short – is a unique competition, in which you will battle it out in teams of 3. You must work together & be the best trio to win. Team work, hard work, & creativity are 3 things you need for your team to come out on top.
May the best trio win…♥
1. Click APPLY to join this group. I will get your application & decide if you can be accepted or not (you must be ACTIVE & a hard worker– you don’t want to hold your teammates back!)
2. Start making your team! Get your trio together! Once you have 2 other teammates comment on this set: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=35732050 with you & your teammates usernames.
3. Once we have enough teams, get ready – the competition begins.♥
There will be lots of different rounds & contests. Each contest will have a theme or scenario, etc…
There will be 12 winners each round. If someone in your trio wins. They will get points (1st place – 12 points, 2nd – 11, 3rd – 1O & so on…)
There will be 1O rounds that everyone competes in. The team with the MOST points at the end of 1O rounds will be the WINNING TEAM. Then, there will be one FINAL round. In that round we will determine a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place from the winning team. (: They will each get prizes.
- ONLY MAKE A TEAM IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THE COMPETITION. I mean, don’t just make a team & then enter 1 round then quit. Your teammates are counting on you (:
-If you are not accepted please do not be upset – there’s always next season. *I will NOT only accept ‘popular’ people – that’s BS. I give everyone a fair chance so don’t even go there (:
-** Some of these contests may not have to do all with “set making” but a lot will be about FASHION, trends, & personal style.
-There will be contests where you can win bonus points & bonus prizes (set faves, collection faves, promos etc…)
-Have fun!
~ TRIOS of season 1:

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