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Battle of the Vampires

Icon by @laniocracy Auditions are open! Audition Template: http://www.polyvore.com/battle_vampires_audition_template/template?id=1141005 - Interested in the idea but don’t want to commit? Check out the “A Vampiric Challenge” section down (far) below! - Hello and welcome to the Battle of the Vampires! There are a couple of different ways you can participate in this group, so I have organised the information into two sections. Feel free to just read the section that is relevant to you. — THE MAIN BATTLE — For the main battle, participants will choose an existing vampire character to represent, or create an original vampire character that exists in a well-known fictional universe (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vampire universe eg. you could have an OC from the Once Upon a Time universe or the Parks and Recreation universe). Existing vampires can be taken from TV shows, movies, books, video games… anywhere you can think of. My definition of a vampire is fairly loose, so if you want a character that is not traditionally considered to be a vampire, you can justify your choice to me and I will most likely accept it. There will be 10 rounds plus 2 additional bonus rounds and the initial icon contest. Points will be given out for participation and for winning. There will be no eliminations and if you don’t make the deadline or you join the battle group late, you can make up the points by completing a set for each round you’ve missed - you just won’t be eligible for bonus points the winners get (as those points will already have been distributed). Even though you won’t be eliminated if you miss a round, it would still be great if you could message me to let me know - or even ask for the contest to be extended, because I am open to extending the length of contests (within reason). The points for each of the contests will be as so: — 1st place will get 50 points — 2nd place will get 40 points — 3rd place will get 30 points Because we need at least 30 members in order to run contests, shoutout sets will gain you 5 points with an additional 1 point for every person you tag in the set, (however you can only earn a maximum of 15 points for each shoutout). You will earn points for the first five shoutouts and after that I will “like” the equivalent number of your sets instead of giving you points. - To Join the Main Battle - Fill in the audition template ( http://www.polyvore.com/battle_vampires_audition_template/template?id=1141005 ), remembering to fill out the form in the description. If you’re unable to fill out templates, it’s fine if you make any set and fill out the audition form in the description or even just message me with your choice of vampire. Please keep in mind that I will only allow 3 people per character. - Rules for the Main Battle - 1. All sets must follow Polyvore’s Community Guidelines. This includes not copying other’s sets and respecting other members. 2. Please don’t use templates for the contests, even if that are your own. If you do, you will not receive any points for that round. THE VAMPIRES X.  Chloe  // @callmefckingdumb John Mitchell //  455 Points 2. Abby  // @ap-lever Jane  //  268 Points 3. Carousel  // @carousel1039  Damon Salvatore  //  100 Points 4. Linette  //  @whereisnet  Jasper Hale //  844 Points 5. Sarah  // @the-house-of-wolves  Raphael Santiago  // 1040 Points 6. Mel  //  @stackmel  Spike  //  425 Points 7. Holly  //  @holly-the-fangirl   Ingrid  //  705 Points 8. Maggie  //  @thehelsinghatter   Evil Ed  //  980 Points X. Nina  //  @jillinchen Rubina (Ruby) Nebula  //  25 Points 10. April  //  @the-iron-brat  Alucard  //  455 Points 11. Amanda  //  @oreokk22  Karin Maaka  //  65 Points 12. Jerry  //  @coolermoth  Count von Count  //  561 Points 13. Jess  //  @jesssilva  Katherine Pierce  //  75 Points 14. blackthespianqueen  //  @blackthespianqueen  Vlad Tepes  //  322 Points 15. Theresa  //  @theresamarie16  Carmilla Karnstein  //  690 Points 16. Desire Rapp  //  @kira-wolfson  Elena Gilbert  //  25 Points 17.  Kurt  //  @kurtifer   Kirk Langstrom  //  0 Points 18. Brennan  //  @aidyl2000  Kanaya Maryam  //  325 Points 19.  Katja  //  @fashionqueen76  Selene  //  700 Points 20. Sammi // @sammisolace Simon Lewis // 645 points X. Faith // @soloscarlett-dreamer Adele "Lotte" Compton // 25 points 22. Tiny // @tiny-midnight-dreamer Henley Cullen // 750 points 23. Lani // @laniocracy Eric Northman // 965 points 24. Destructo // @destructoboy Marshall Lee // 0 points 25. Coral  //  @otherworldlygirl  Amelia Lockwood // 500 points 26. Jordan // @an-open-book The Countess // points - Main Battle Prizes - 1st Place:  50 sets likes, shoutout in my profile for 3 weeks, shoutout in 10 of my next sets + any additional prize you would like (subject to negotiation). 2nd Place: 40 set likes, shoutout in my profile for 2 weeks, shoutout in 7 of my sets + any additional prize you would like (subject to negotiation). 3rd Place: 30 set likes, shoutout in my profile for 1 week, shoutout in 4 of my sets + any additional prize you would like (subject to negotiation). All winners will also earn a place in the Battle Hall of Fame. If you have any questions, go ahead and message me (@forebodinq) or comment on one of my sets and I will get back to you as soon as I can! — A VAMPIRIC CHALLENGE — This option is for people who don’t want to participate in the battle, but would still like to be a part of the group. You can participate in both the main battle and the challenge if you wish. The idea for this challenge is that you will compile a collection of vampire sets in your own time. There will be a list of 13 themes for your collection’s sets, with one theme announced every 2 weeks (you will not need to complete the sets in this time - you can create them whenever you want). The themes will be the same as the themes for each round in the Main Battle, but there will be no specific requirements (although you can use the requirements from the Main Battle if you want) and you will be allowed to use different vampires for each theme if you want. You can make as many sets as you want for each theme and they can also be old sets. Please note: If you’re interested in the Main Battle, but just don’t want to stick to the timeline, you can always complete each round for points and just not be a part of the contests. Please see the Main Battle section for more details if this applies to you! - To Join A Vampiric Challenge - Please DO NOT fill in the audition template. It will only confuse me if you do! All you have to do is send me a message or comment on one of my sets to say that you will be joining “A Vampiric Challenge”. - Rules for A Vampiric Challenge - 1. Put at least one set for each theme into a collection (do this in your own time, there are no deadlines). 2. Hashtag each set and your collection with #AVC1 and tag me (@forebodinq) in them! 3. Make sure you follow Polyvore’s Community Guidelines. This includes not copying other’s sets and respecting other members. PARTICIPANTS IN A VAMPIRIC CHALLENGE @wickedxcheshire THEMES FOR A VAMPIRIC CHALLENGE 1. Vampire Icons 2. Origins - Becoming a Vampire 3. Significant Relationships 4. Fears & Weaknesses 5. Theme Song 6. Other themes will be added as the challenge runs. - Prizes for A Vampiric Challenge - Anyone who completes this challenge will receive 20 set likes, a shoutout in my profile for 1 week, a shoutout in 4 of my sets + any additional prize you would like (subject to negotiation). You will also get a place in the Challenge Hall of Fame. As with the Main Battle, if you have any questions, go ahead and message me (@forebodinq) or comment on one of my sets and I will get back to you as soon as I can! — BATTLE HALL OF FAME — — CHALLENGE HALL OF FAME — — Other Things To Note — Feel free to submit any vampire sets you want to this group, I’d love that. If you have any feedback, even criticism, please let me know and I’ll see if I can do anything to help! Please enjoy your time as a part of the Battle of the Vampires!
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