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The Battle Of Villains and Superhero Boyfriends ♡

Auditions; [] OPEN [♡] CLOSED http://www.polyvore.com/battle_villains_superhero_boyfriends/template?id=1164638 Welcome to The Battle Of Villains and Superhero Boyfriends, this is a non-elimination group where group members will get to choose their own boyfriends if either they're a superhero or villain. He can either be from Marvel's or DC, and the best part is you get to be a superhero or villain as well so that you can express who you really are. 1st: 50 points 2nd: 40 points 3rd: 30 points 4th: 20 points 5th: 10 points Until the last round of this group, there will be prizes as well for the top 3 winners for this group. ~ Prize's: 1st place - 3 icons, a shoutout, mentioned in my bio, and your favorite character set. 2nd place - 2 icons, a shoutout, mentioned in my bio, and your favorite character set. 3rd place - 1 icon, a shoutout, mentioned in my bio, and your favorite character set. Rules + Information: - All sets must follow polyvores rules - You can only have one superhero/ villain per person - You must have your own faceclaim - No hate towards other members or their character - Let me know if you can not enter a contest - You must audition in order to get accepted in this group - Do not use templates (if you do your set will not be counted for points) - No copying other members sets - There will be 10-15 contests lasting 2 weeks each - There will be 5 winners per contest - There will be some make up/bonus rounds lasting one week (if you miss a round this is where you can make up points. also if you want any bonus points you can join without it counting against you if you don’t enter) - Until we get to 30 members, we will start the first round -Shoutouts are worth 10 points per each - Have fun! ♡ Team Superhero's ♡ Peter Quill/ Star-Lord x Peytenn (Zooey Deschanel): @once-upon-a-peytenn Cisco Ramon / Vibe x Sabrina (Aubrey Plaza): @forebodinq// 50 pts Jackson 'Jax' Jefferson/ FireStorm x Colette (Griffin Arnlund): @chocomimicol// 60 pts Barry Allen/ The Flash x Aicha (Maia Mitchell): @scarletwltch// 110 pts Rip Hunter x Cheshire (Tiffany Hwang): @chxshire-cat// 45 pts Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow x Violet (Margot Robbie): @a-desire-to-fandom// 44 pts Peter Parker/ Spiderman x Jozie (Ashley Benson): @titanium-druzy// 90 pts Bruce Banner/ The Hulk x Chloe (Daisy Ridley): @im-no-one// 45 pts Roy Harper/ Arsenal x Tasha (Katherin McNamara): @natasha-maree13// 60 pts Logan Howlett/ Wolverine x Eliza (Elizabeth Olsen): @mikaelsonlegacy// 90 pts Clint Barton/ Hawkeye x Kaitlyn (Candice Swanepoel): @the-forgotten-wolf// 80 pts Scott Lang/ Antman x Ingrid (Rebecca Ferguson): @koby// 60 pts Clark Kent/ Superman x Aurora (Alona Tal): @bloodystilinski// 59 pts Bruce Wayne/ Batman x Angel (Natasha Dormer): @margaery-stilinski// 110 pts Steve Rogers/ Captain America x Corallyn (Phoebe Tonkin): @otherworldlygirl// 50 pts Matt Murdock/ Daredevil x Lou (Dianna Agron): @ladytwice// 50 pts Peter Maximoff/ Quicksilver x Natasha (Taissa Farmiga): @captainamericafan// 30 pts Wade Wilson/ Deadpool x Asa (Summer Glau): @animequeen-15// 50 pts Tommy Shepherd/ Speed x Percy (Cheng Xiao): @zorrohadad// 50 pts John Constantine x Caitlin (Zhenya Katava): @bat-caitlin// 50 pts Arthur Curry/ Aquaman x Marzia (Serinda Swan): @fire-to-the-skies// 68 pts Thor Odinson x Olivia (Shailene Woodley): @i-love-cassandra-clare// 50 pts Danny Rand/ Iron Fist x Sophie (Seychelle Gabriel): @steamparasite// 47 pts Tony Starks/ Iron Man x Cheyanne (Lindsay Sterling): @heartless241// 50 pts Alex Summers/ Havok x Jessica (Alexandria Daddario): @capsgirl-74// 50 pts ♡ Team Villains ♡ Bucky/ The Winter Solider x Sofia (Blake Lively): @sofia-bassan// 100 pts Loki Laufeyson x Ellen (Cara Delevingne): @aquanesque// 70 pts Jason Todd/ Red Hood x Liz (Zoey Deutch): @rndmskttlz// 50 pts Frank Castle/ The Punisher x Maddy (Lily James): @x-no-judge-zone-x// The Joker x Deanna (Selena Gomez): @amesqueda// Erik Lehnsherr/ Magneto x Jess (Barbara Palvin): @jessicayp// 50 pts Season 2 Reserves: Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow x Peytenn (Zooey Deschanel): @once-upon-a-peytenn Bucky Barnes/ The Winter Solider x Hailey: @galactic-tears Peter Parker/ Spiderman x Emma (Troian Bellisario): @emcarstairsofla Loki Laufeyson x Sofia (Amanda Seyfried): @sofia-bassan Tony Starks/ Iron Man x Maddy (Holland Roden): @x-no-judge-zone-x Pietro Maximoff x Jozie (Ashley Benson): @titanium-druzy Steve Rogers/ Captain America x Myranda (Zoe Sugg): @newkidsinar Barry Allen/ The Flash x Leaf (Amelia Zadro): @itssuperleaf Peter Quill/ Star-Lord x Lou (Dianna Agron): @ladytwice Clint Barton/ Hawkeye x Ellen (Karen Gillan): @aquanesque Sam Wilson/ Falcon x America (Candice Patton): @h-awkeye Thor Odinson x (Adeliade Kane): @punkette123 Rick Flag x Jessica (Alexandria Daddario): @capsgirl-74 Wade Wilson/ Deadpool x Cheyanne (Lindsey Sterling): @heartless241 Kon-El/ Superboy x Angel (Natalia Dyer): @margaery-stilinski Icon created by me! ;)
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Moderator Announcement once-upon-a-peytenn Posted yesterday
Hey guys! The first round has finally ended and here are the top 5 winners of the contest. :) 1st: @margaery-stilinski 2nd: @mikaelsonlegacy 3rd: @scarletwltch 4th: @sofia-bassan 5th: @fire-to-the-skies Congratulations to the winners of the first round, it was so tough to pick your guys sets, they were all amazing! Fantastic job! I will soon make a set for the second hopefully either Friday or Saturday. :) Also, if you missed the first round, you have a chance to make it up and get your full points. And if you're interested in doing the next season, make sure you message me about it. ;)

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