Aud. for the Fashion Elite.

Megan Rose Capello, 20
Hillsborough, CA, USA
Signature Scent: Probably just her deodorant, Meg likes to be conservative and classy.
Style: Bright colored prep, very very girly but still Californian.

Height, Measurements:
bust 34”
waist 24”
hips 35”
shoes 9 

Modeling Portfolio:
Favorite Designer/Designer House: Chanel, Kate Spade, Miu Miu, ummm...Victoria Secrets?
Model: Emily Didonato
Taken by: @ducktape
Tell us all about yourself. But don't give us a lecture (be brief).
Hi guys! Ohmygosh, this is so exciting, I can’t even handle this. Oh, ok, my name is Megan Rose Capello--Megan and Rose are my first name but ever since Jr. High I’ve just been Megan. I guess the Rose part was just a little too...too for other people. I am from what you would call California old money--I don’t really want this to define who I am, but I do want to get it out of the way. In the Bay Area, there’s a lot of New Money, mostly from Silicon Valley; but I grew up around girls with trust funds, and very very old, very very uptight people, some of which were my mother and father and younger sister. The Capellos started off in this country who happened to make it with...umm, well I’m not really sure what Daddy does. Anyway, I went to a semi-private all girls school where I was part of I guess a clique of the coolest girls; but I was always the nice one. I was sort of picked on for being dumb; I am not actually, I got straight Bs. And I don’t think the fact that I still believe in true love and wear a purity ring gives anyone any right to say I’m unintelligent [so I’m a virgin, but I want my first kiss to be maaagical!]. I used to do pageants, and I loooove horseback riding! I am always really positive; I’m not just a glass half full kinda girl, I’m the one who’s going to fill it back up to the top. I am a sucker for romance, which my highschool friends made fun of me for all the time. I’ve been called spoiled, but I don’t mean to be--it’s just the life I was born to and can I help that? I swear I make up for it by being the sweetest, most genuine person around!

Why do you want to be in this competition?
-My bestie Willa, who always stood up for me, left recently for Southern California, and well, I guess I just got tired of living with my parents [college really isn’t for me; I had a Prince Charming..who turned out to be a little less than charming. But I really thought I’d be married by now.]. So, I decided, well, I used to do pageants, why not model?! I really have to grow up sometime; Will said this would be great for me to get out of my comfort zone! I hope not too much; I really hope I won’t have to pose nude or anything like that. Oh dear.
What can you bring to the competition? What is your strength?
Well, I constantly won Miss Congeniality in addition to first runner up when I did pageants in high school! I a just a really nice, sincere person, someone who will be there for the other girls to talk to, who will listen and give them a shoulder to lean on. I’ve never really been competitive, but I know that I don’t have to try to much to be graceful and beautiful. Ohmygosh, that sounded so conceited. I really didn’t mean it like that, just that I know I have the look, and a great smile, and the ambition to win! And, I’m a really great influence for younger girls--especially girls who worry too much about whether or not they’ll ever be in love, or ever have their first kiss. It’s worth the wait! I hope.

Who is your role model? 
Audrey Hepburn! Ohmygosh, she is the classiest. She is graceful, and beautiful inside and out, and she made some of my favorite movies ever! I just love her so much.
Also Princess Aurora, the sleeping beauty! People always overlook her, but she is my favorite Disney princess!

(So I hoped I portrayed her poor little rich girl naivety and virginity well enough. And her naivety when it comes to actual fashion. Inexperienced pageant prude for the win!)

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