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I picked up my phone and dialed Jude's number, hoping he would answer, "Hello."
I sat up straight and smiled to myself, "Hey Jude, it's Addison.."
It's like I could feel him smiling on the other line, "I know, caller ID is helpful that way.."
I grinned, "Right.. so I didn't want to be too forward, but what are you doing tonight?" I bit my lip.
"Nothing I can't get out of... why?"
I sighed, "Well, I realized we have an amazing five star chef on the property and I have a nice 46' t.v. in my room.. If you wouldn't mind staying in with me and watching a few movies while eating the best stir-fry you've ever tasted instead of partying the night away, well I'm inviting you.."
"You know, that sounds better than any party could offer. I'm there."
I smiled brightly, "Okay, good. Oh, do you have any specific orders for the chef? Anything you like? Don't like?"
"Nope. I think I'm good with anything. I'll see you at 7?"
I nodded, "Yeah, that's good with me. Bye Jude.."
"Bye Addie."
I hung up the phone ecstatic and grinning. Muffin was lying next to me on the bed passed out, but I picked her up and jolted her out of her sleep.
“Jude’s coming over tonight baby!!” She lightly growled at me and I set her back on the bed. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my robe, heading down stairs to get some breakfast and to put in the order for tonight.
I scrambled around my room, getting everything perfect. I had ordered our food in advanced so nothing would go wrong and even had them set up a table in my room so we would be alone and not have to deal with all the other girls. I just wanted tonight to go right.
I heard the door knock and I started grinned and my heart leapt into my throat. I hadn’t been this excited in a long time.
I opened it and saw him smiling, “Hey,” He said.
Just his voice made me melt. I bit my lip and smiled, “Hi.” I opened the door farther to let in him and he shut it behind himself. He then pulled me into his arm and cupped my jaw gently and then kissed me.
He slowly pulled away, leaving me breathless, “You look beautiful,” He said as he placed soft kisses on my neck.
I sighed, as he pulled away, “You don’t look too bad yourself… I hope you like stir-fry.” I said pointing to the table I had the workers set up,
He nodded, “I do.”
I smiled and pulled him towards the small table.
“Good,” I said as I sat down and then he sat down next to me.
I smiled and him and then remembered, "Ooh! So which movie?" I grabbed two cases off my nightstand, "Shutter Island or Sex and the City?" I wanted him to pick Shutter Island.
He raised his eyebrow, "Is that even a question?" I smiled and nodded, "Fine, Shutter Island."
“Good, because I wanted to pick Shutter Island… I just wanted to give you the feeling of control and being able to choose..” I gave him a wink and sat back down in my chair.
“Well aren’t you thoughtful. This is good food.” He mumbled through a mouthful of food.
“I know,” I said smiling, the chef was really the best. I took a bite and noticed him staring at me, “Maybe you should eat more of it instead of staring at me…”
He blinked at me, “That’s really really hard to do…” He said as his eyes slipped down to my cleavage.
I laughed out loud, “I’m taking that as a compliment.”
He nodded, “That I want to have you so bad I can’t tear my eyes off of you? Yeah, that’s a compliment…” He said. 
I bit my lip and spoke up, “Why me?”
He narrowed his eyes and raised his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”
“You could have any girl here. For free and available for as much sex as you want… and you chose me?”
He sighed, “I keep telling you.. you’re special. There’s something about you. A quality and I can’t pinpoint it, but it’s there and I can’t keep away from you. And no other girl or free sex could replace that feeling…”
I exhaled, “Wow, that’s deep.” I grinned, “Well, I’m glad that I’ve made that sort of impact on you..”
“Don’t worry, I’m just as surprised as you, if not more. I mean I don’t ever get this way over girls. They normally get this way over me definitely not the other way around.”
I grinned, “I’m special..” I said, biting my lip.
He nodded and smirked, “Like I said, very. So, are we starting that movie?”
I nodded, “Sure,” I got up, but paused and turned back around, “Do you mind if I get a bit more comfortable? This dress is hot, but definitely not the most comfortable thing…”
He nodded, “Sure, while you do that, I’ll get the movie ready..”
I walked into the bathroom and slinked off my dress. I grabbed my tank off the floor and slipped it over in my head. So I was standing there in nothing but a tank and panties… I hope I wasn’t going to tempt him too much.
I walked back into my room and the second Jude laid his eyes on me they widened and his mouth dropped.
“You…” He started saying.
I blushed deeply and bit my lip, “Much better.”
“You…” He started saying again. Maybe there was something wrong.
“Is something wrong?” I asked as I ran my hand through my long blonde hair.
He stood up and walked over to me, kissing me hard. He pushed me up against the wall and I moaned out loud. Maybe it was time. I wanted him to take advantage of me right now. Forget about Shutter Island and stir-fry, sex was much better.
“Nothing’s wrong,” He mumbled out as he pressed his lips against my neck. I could feel his hands sliding up my top. He just needed to go further. He just needed to rip my top off and pull my panties down.
But that didn’t happen.
He slowly pulled away from me and walked to the other side of my room.
I wiped my mouth, “Did I do something wrong?”
He shook his head, “Negative. It’s hard to control myself around you…”
I sighed, “Should I put pants on?”
He chuckled, “No, it’s okay. I still like the view. I just need to learn to control myself..”
“You don’t have to… I’m more than willing.”
“I just want to get to know you. Not just f*ck you…”
I smiled and sat on the bed next to him, “I know.. You are an amazing guy and I’m not really being supportive with all this waiting thing, am i?”
He laughed, “Not really, but you’re doing what I would normally do, so I don’t really blame you.”
“So let’s just take this slow.. Let’s eat stir-fry and watch Shutter Island. Nothing dirty, I promise.” I paused, “Maybe just a bit of cuddling.” I winked.
He laughed, “That sounds like a good plan.”
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