I creeped out of the bed next to the older and... married man and tip-toed my way through the pool of clothes sprawled all accross the floor. I picked up my dress from last night and quickly put it on. I walked over to the nightstand next to the bed and picked up the stack of money. I counted it before leaving the cheap, old motel room.

I walked into my apartment and raced into the shower. As the warm water sprayed my body, thoughts of last night flashed through my mind. 

The older man whose name was... Andrew? Adrien?... Adam! Adam. So, Adam had been my customer for the night. We were at his office party until he asked if I wanted to sleep with him. I told him it was going to come with a price, hoping he'd back off and forget about what he just asked me. But he was persistant and waved the stack of cash in my face. I couldn't say no. If he had the money, I had to say yes. It was the company's policy. 

I stepped out of the shower and got dressed. Maybe if I stayed home, I would've changed. Been a better person. I wouldn't be in this situation and I would have a good, decent job. 

I shook my head to remove the thought from my mind. That's the past. We're in the present and I should make the best of my life like this. It's not too late to change.
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