Belinda “Billie” Monroe
Quote; Expectation is the root of all heartache.
Model: Minka Kelly
Occupation: Casino Singer
Biography: Billie is no different to the many girls who live in Gotham City. Born into the not so wealthy part of the city, Billie grew up on rations of food, along with her sister and her parents. Her father, a gambling drunk, threw their money away on countless trip to casino's around the city, leaving her mother to try and look after Billie and her sister. When Billie turned 16, she began busking on the streets, singing for whatever money she could earn so that they didn't starve for the week. A couple of years later when Billie was 19, she was given the opportunity to earn more than enough for her family and she took it. Now, 3 years on, Billie is still a casino singer, recruited personally by Austin, earning her money by singing to the type men which she despises; men like her father. She longs to leave but knows that once you're in the casino business, its hard to get out and with a family to feed, she knows she doesn't have many other options.
Relationship status: single and up for anything that doesn't involve a relationship
Taken by: Vicki;

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