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 “Between the cities, between the thrills, there’s something inside you. It doesn’t sleep well.” PPP / Beach House

Faceclaim: Lea Seydoux
Current Location: Boston


Personality:  independent, compulsive book-buyer, night owl, reserved, seems unapproachable but isn’t, a cry-baby, passionate, protest connoisseur, an easy lover, calm, focussed, caring, quiet, organised, thoughtful, self-doubting, anxious, used to being let down, too kind, wants the best for people, gentle, a lover of beautiful words, a little bit lost.


Likes: tea, cotton scented candles, muted colours, fragrances with bergamot, minimalist gold jewellery, lavender bath oil, stacks of books, diptyque, lazy sundays, rainy days, real hearty true love - none of that Tinder speed dating crap, reading in a leather armchair, cinnamon and raisin bagels, blankets, leather bags, backpacks and satchels, blueberry pancakes, rich chocolate, nude lipstick and minimal make up, leather bound notepads, alone time, her parents - despite their differences, chunky jumpers, truth, writing, feminist comics, helping people, feeling part of something much bigger - whether it be living in the city or taking part in a protest, earl grey tea, black coffee, mystery novels, the paris review, the new yorker, the antiques store

Dislikes: Horses, the loneliness of city living, snobs, being the family 'disappointment', loud colours, satin, scents that are too sweet, goodbyes, milk unless in cereal, parsnips, facebook, 

It was a dull and dreary Sunday when Father Morgan and his wife Maggie conceived little Jude. Rain cascaded against their wooden porch and sent a river drum harmony across their window panes. Morgan had just finished his service at Sunday mass and Maggie was cooking a late brunch. Mrs. Parker tottered through the kitchen, her bare feet spinning across oak flooring as she watched her poaching eggs with a careful eye. Morgan approached her from behind, wrapped his arms around her waist and peered down eagerly at the various pans. 

“Hello,” Maggie smiled as her husband kissed both of her cheeks alternately. 

“Do you think it’s ever going to stop raining?” Morgan mumbled.

His wife shrugged, the sleeve of her cable knit jumper falling from her shoulder. “Maybe not. We’ll be trapped here forever at this rate.”

“Hm. Doesn’t sound like too bad an idea.” Morgan smiled, dotting kisses along Maggie’s shoulder.

It is this day that so very accurately encapsulates the essence of Judith Parker. The girl, inseparable from her rainy days and the familiar, homely smell of blueberry pancakes, lived her youth often from the comfort of her armchair - watching her parents fall in and out of love repeatedly, and cradling a mystery novel. 

But being a natural born introvert when you’re the preacher’s daughter isn’t an easy feat. Jude and her younger sister Kennedy were the supposed charity society queens of any Beaufort event, and, while Jude was reluctant to take on this role, her sister flourished and rather carried the pair into a becoming light. Judith could skive her bake sales and skip dinner with the mayor to hang out with her (reckless lost boy) friends because she knew that Kennedy had her covered.

Kennedy was perfect. She held the right opinions; she rode ponies and went to the Club; she smiled and said grace; she never dyed her hair blue or wore far too much eyeliner. She was everything Morgan and Maggie wanted and so much more than Jude could ever hope to be.

But, out of the less-than-reckless disobedience that Jude compromised her planned out life with, Jude found her freedom. In saying ‘no’ to her parents and ‘yes’ to calling opportunities, Jude escaped the tiny, strangling town of Beaufort and left for seemingly better things. 

After graduating from Yale, Jude moved between New York City and Boston. She was a free-lance, a writer of no legal attachments, which was great…right? Jude insisted that it was. Regardless of the fact that she was continually oscillating and never settling, Jude loved her job. And of course, how could you be lonely in such cities?

Just as she jumped from apartment to apartment, Jude found herself jumping from date to date. Talking and sleeping with people suddenly lost its romance. The companionship she had watched so greatly heave and fall between her parents she never found in the cities. Dates with beautiful, intelligent, and charming men and women? Yes. Real connections? no. 

So when Mrs. Parker called to inform Jude of her father’s sickness, Jude wasn’t too reluctant to return home. Jude and Morgan Parker would never truly see eye-to-eye but they loved each other nonetheless, and Jude secretly hoped that a break away from the isolation of the city and the scariness of adult life would do her good. 

That was until little Judith Parker stepped out of the taxi and remembered what a small town Beaufort was.


Occupation: Writer/ free-lance journalist
Relationship status: Single

Important people/Family:  http://www.polyvore.com/should_have_stayed_at_home/set?id=216841417#fans


Why they left Beaufort: A combination between wanting the hustle and bustle of a huge city and her parents refusing to accept her orientation

Why they came back to Beaufort: Father Morgan has cancer and Jude needs to be there to support him and her family. 


Collection/Wardrobe: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=6332886

Top Three: 
0. girl three
1. boy one
2. girl four
3. girl one
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{ this group is in some parts inspired by the whole coming-back-to-hometown type of roleplays. created by @at0mic-soul on jan 30th 2017 ]
Beaufort, South Carolina. Damn, even the name itself brings back so many things.
It's their hometown. This is where they were born, where they went to school and had their first dates, their first loves and their first heartbreaks, this is where they got their driver's licenses and where they chewed bubblegum on the school's front steps. This is where they were the town's kids, where they all knew each other, this is the place that gave them their first memories. It's tiny, but it's home.
Most of them would have never thought life would take them this far from home. Beaufort has either wronged them, or they followed their ambition to go to that prestigious university, or it was simply time to move on - one thing's straight: Beaufort's children flew out of the nest one day and into the big tough world, without planning on returning too soon.
Until they did come back. They all have their reasons, as dark and twisted or as painful and heartbreaking as they may be, and they're now finding their ways back home to figure out life. Beaufort's still the same, they're the ones who've changed - and, to their utter shock, it seems like everybody's back home simultaneously, as if this town had something to tell them.
What happens when childhood friends, foes and lovers reunite? They've all got their lives going on outside this little town they were born in, but will that count?
+ this is a high-fashion roleplay, so the usual rules apply
+ this is a story-based roleplay. that being said, if you prefer comment-based groups, this might not suit you.
+ tag everybody in your sets and plot with all the members - remember, all the characters know each other one way or another, and besides, it's really rude to roleplay only with some of the members
+ this is supposed to be a very chill roleplay, so you won't be pressed to write every single day. but please let's make a MINIMUM of three stories/month.
+ drama inside the roleplay is fun. drama outside the group is by no means cool.
+ no godmodding. your characters should interact with each other and if you want to include someone else's character in your story, make sure you contact them beforehand c:
+ if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me
+ have fun!
CHARACTER LIST: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=6291616
PLACES: coming
✨NAME, AGE (at least 23)
(representative motto)
Current Location:
Relationship status:
Important people/Family:
Why they left Beaufort:
Why they came back to Beaufort:
Top Three:
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