beℓℓα`ѕ room.

- - lucifer academy dorm bedroom.
- - - set in the nineteen eighty's.
  • Home Sweet Home -- decor8
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    "&. her bed, a rack of some of her most favourite clothes behind her. her desk is right across from her." — @colours-and-shades
  • tuealips
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    "&. two of the pillows placed atop her down comforter bed- and her favourites." — @colours-and-shades
  • Fashion Daily rainie-minnie
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    "&. the rack of clothing behind her bed, holding some of her favourite articles of clothing. the rest are underneath her bed in roll-out shelves- given the small space." — @colours-and-shades
  • Tumblr
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    "&. she has shelfs surrounding her bed, some, carrying her fav. paris vogue magazines," — @colours-and-shades
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  • move & shake
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    "&. some holding onto prized, expensive `knick-knacks,` of hers," — @colours-and-shades
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    "&. and others holding miscellaneous items- for example, bags from the stores she loves. { ie. chanel, as seen above. }" — @colours-and-shades
  • Welcome beautiful
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    "&. her desk. she loves to keep it as neat as possible, usually having her school supplies, books, and sketches covering it." — @colours-and-shades
    I'm Signe. 18 years old. Europe.♥ Dreamer. Hoping for happiness. Demi Lovato is my inspiration.♥
  • Young and restless.
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    "&. this is her other shelf, pressing tightly up against the wall, barely squeezing into the little space. she places many more of her mags + knick-knacks she can't place around her bedframe." — @colours-and-shades
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." I'm...
  • Blue Pony
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    "&. she tends to like keeping her style + possessions classy, but this is one of the things she uses that defies against her typical boundries. computers are just so bulky to her, so she likes these. plus, she likes the way it all turns out more in the end" — @colours-and-shades
  • cut the cord, she's a creep.
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    "&. on one side of the wall nearest her, it is dotted with polaroid picture she has taken, to pictures of her, to of friends, family, or of people she admires. there's quite a few." — @colours-and-shades
    I'm Lily, I'm straight edge, and complain way too much. The Story So Far, Joyce Manor, and Cage the Elephant are perfect. I really like him and he is literally perfect.  roaming outside my boundry
  • world map dropped pin globe kaart | Tumblr
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    "&. and on the other wall apposing it, is a floor to ceiling map of the world, pin points marking the places she dreams and plans of going to one day." — @colours-and-shades
  • Elisa.♡
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    "&. she has an extensive amount of vinyl records she loves, collecting them ever since her mother died. they were one of her mother's favourite things- she had been a singer, after all." — @colours-and-shades
  • Create luscious flower arrangements at home
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    "&. makeup and perfume cram themselves onto available wall space in the shelves- she has an /extensive/ amount of it, after all." — @colours-and-shades
    Here are some tips for creating luscious flower arrangements at home. Learn how to become your own florist with these domestic goddess inspiration.
  • des jolies choses
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    "&. sweet smelling roses in vases are places teeterously atop different objects, infusing the air with a light floral scent. she loves roses very much, as you could have guessed." — @colours-and-shades
  • It's not that way in her mind
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    "&. and her prized possession, theodore, her pet kitten, the love of her life. or as far as she's come to it, so far. she loves him dearly, and would do anything for him. he lives in her small enclosed room- smart enough not to leave." — @colours-and-shades

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