Hey guys,
All time low - Just the way I'm not
So today was my first day of year nine and I started my gcse's (The tests you do in England when you are 16) Yay! This is not a god thing. Like I was proper nervous i.e sat in the corner of my room rocking back and forth. But when I was getting ready It wasn't too bad. Everything's changed in my school because it's become and academy so I'm starting my gcse's a year earlier. Now I am fully aware that they affect my whole future and what job I get so I am serious about school work now. Unlike beofore.. I miss being able to muck about and being sent out because we were little rebels. :) I had only 4 lessons today though as we started 1 hour later and finished at 2:30 (I know right! 2:30 is the time I officially finish school from now on! How fucking cool.) Although I do start at 8:30 but that's not so bad.
I an't be bothered to explain my WHOLE day to you all as I'm sure that would be quite boring. I did have Construction first though. (I explain in another set about why the fuck I'm going that.) And I'm the only girl. But no matter I'll get used to it and all the boys are really nice to me actually. I also had Art in which I really fely back in my comfort zone and then double science which wasn't so bad as I was my old class which I really miss. Tomorrow I have a lot better lessons though so ill tell you all about that :) I have maths too which is very important to as I have never done maths. Like ever. Especially last year as we had a supply the whole year and my maths book was just empty. Like I'm being deadly serious. E-m-p-t-y. Sigh. So I really have to try this year if I want to pass. Wish me luck with that :/ Fuck my life.
Hope you all had a lovely day at school and that my Danosaurs enjoy Dan's new video tonight! 
But remember,
Lululovesyou xx

( Sorry this set is a little hipsterish xD)
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Thank you @notafacebookstatus x



Hipster-ish sets

Hipster-ish sets

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Anything you're heart desires!

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Anything! This group has been a little inactive so I decided to make this an easy contest while ya'll get back into it. :)
One week!
Enjoy your fall!

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