Song of the day:Tohoshinki-Choosey Lover[LIVE]
[Sexy song]

Yea Happy BDay to Jae [Jan,26] new contest about BDay will using this for example,soon~
This song had stuck in my head such a long weeks after Tohoshinki released it.

I hope so someday TVXQ as 5 will return and i never lose hope for Jae playing as vampire for J-drama that announced it since last 2 years they will bringing vampire manga to drama.
director said no one suit with this role only Jae is perfectly fit. if Jae not accepted/or better say he got into trouble to accepted the team production will not start this drama.i somehow questioning errr..why whoever has power to stop SM to dirt* trap JYJ come out to helping JYJ ,or SM is the most influencing in Korea huh?

idk why no one help this group they're not even murderer or drug dealer or sexual disgustin* why they can't show themselves on national broadcast?
i can't get it ,in Japan that's fair enough even some sick idol who involved with sth like above can back to work and get another chance okay look at Akanishi Jin you got it what i mean ,what he had done !!

OMG-ness talking about this made me blood boil 
at least Han Geng former SJ member who also leave SM due to unfair contract get a better chance more than JYJ..and i got karma for being into EXO when i hatin* so much sic* SMEnt

Oh my,Jae you deserved sth better and HBD to this precious,he's pretty tho :)

@giko-is-giantsister i know you'd love to dedicated Jae BDay but you're busy i just thinking of you my cutie pink~
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