Hi!!!! I came back with more 2ne1 sets! This time Sandara Park ^^ I had this set in my drafts for a long time and it's time upload it :)
Changing topic:
D-UNIT NEW MINI ALBUM IT'S SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love "talk to my face" and "lockdown" ^^

I was tagged by @adhitaa in her beautiful set: http://www.polyvore.com/dairy_scarpbook/set?id=73455518

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 new people

@adhitaa's questions:

1.What are you doing right now?
Watching TV and fangirling a lot! haha :P

2.What you eat tonight?
I think i'm going to have salad and beef

3.Your favorite artist?
Music artist? YG Family ^^ For classical music I love Chopin

4.What is your kind of house?
A small flat with big garden

5.Who is the person most you call?
My friend :)

6.Where do you spent your honeymoon?
I would love to spend it in Jeju island ♥

7.Whats your hobby?
Playing the piano, dancing, singing and Polyvore! :D

8.Chocolate stick or fondue?
CHOCOALTE STICK! Chocolate fondue sometimes makes me have stomach ache >.<

9.Casual or chic?

10. Last stuff that you holding on?
I was eating some bread before doing this, so the last thing I hold was bread :3

11.Am i bothering you with this tagged?
NO! I love being tagged and doing them! ^^

OMO! Today I feel like i'm expressing myself with really bad english! I'M SORRY!

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@goongja thank you :D

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Romantic world

Romantic world

Everyone and every set is welcome!
I like sets, where you can see the effort and time the person spend doing it....sets with lots of details and rich backgrounds in every colour, creative sets...art or fashion! We will be having at least one contest per week. So be creative and have fun!

♪Kpop Music Fashion♪

♪Kpop Music Fashion♪

Group for anybody and everybody that's a fan of Kpop!
Have fun, express your creativity, show your talent, and meet new people!



For Kpop and korean drama fans !!!!



For all stylish girls who love fashion style!
Moderator is a perfectionist, but with a great sense of humor and a very bad English! Do not shoot at him - with a smile bypass the his mistake! :-)))
This group was created for people who get up and go to bed with one thought - FASHION
And remember, if you're not the first today, will happen tomorrow, what matters is participation and smile!

Let's Dance In Style

Let's Dance In Style

Any types of fashion sets are welcomed!!!!
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All White

All White

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I would like to see your white sets! ART, FASHION & INTERIOR sets are welcome!
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