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First of all, can't I just have all those clothes from Sooyoung's pictorial???! why? she's so pretty and skinny T_T those clothes fit her perfectly!!! and I love the style! it's so like G always say it -That's sooo YOU' lol and I love the main quote! it just made me reflect so much about my life, I was planning to write a long post about my life, yet again why bore you with it? instead I just imagined what I'd say and I feel relieved now, like if I had shout out a secret for everyone to hear, yet only I know it... :D 

Sorry for that! I'm just trying to make up my mind to the fact school will be starting soon and next week I'll be busy working in some stuff so probably I won't be around as much as Ive been lately, specially to fangirl like a freak about U-kiss xD I'm missing poly already! <3 <3
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