{{Written last night and couldn't publish from internet issues.}}
For 'If I was friends with a Boy Group...' ^____^ : http://www.polyvore.com/was_friends_with_boy_group/contest.show?id=333206

If I was to be friends with a boy group, it'd be CN Blue. CN Blue are funny but not that funny which works well for me because I don't have a joker type of personality like Infinite's Sungyeol nor Big Bang's Seungri.
I'd love to shoot music videos with them and the photoshoots ? AT AN AMUSEMENT PARK? Heck yeah ! ^__^ I would prolly troll backstage and travel the world with them. We could even share hotel rooms because we'd be so close in friendship that it wouldn't even matter~ {{And that just sounds awkwards...}}

The members very caring, just like what I see in We Got Married; Yong-Seo couple. It's very cute. ^__^ But I haven't watched all of it but Jungshin as Avatar ? HAHAHA ! too funny. :') Their light humour is already really funny. 

`Finally, I have a set that reaches the 50 item limit~ Yay ! 
`Watching Loving you 1000 times... She's preggo. .___. *leawks. And she's vomiting.. And mood swings... And her older step-sister is A B!TCH
`Joined a new RP.. That makes 4... -_____-' As Myungsoo though~ o1. Sulli. o2. Ailee. o3. D07LS. o4. Myungsoo. Yeeeeeeeeey~ Most of my biases.. Now needing to hunt for one that has IU available.
`Going to a dentist appointment tomorrow about my braces. Went two weeks ago to get molds {{dunno how to spell it.}} I'll explain more tmrw~ {{If i publish any.........}}

GOODNIGHT LOVELIES~ {{or moring.}} 

{{22 days till hello venus debut.. i'm actually excited for them ! }}
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