Name: Julia Hansen
Age/Birthday: 18 / September 10th, 1994
Known as: the drama queen
Favourite song: “I used to rule the world; seas would rise when I gave the word. Now in the morning I sleep alone, sweep the streets I used to own” Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Occupation: unemployed
Likes: singing, acting, success, parties, boys, drugs, power, money
Dislikes: being second, not getting her way, wearing the same outfit twice, cheap things, people who think are better than her, being reminded of her past, laziness, failure
Musical Inspiratin: Lady Gaga and Madonna
Biography: Julia was Denmark’s ultimate it girl. She was invited to every party and fashion show, designers named items after her and every girl wanted to emulate her style. She was not afraid of getting her way, using her charm and her daddy’s credit card as a free passage to everything. From party to party and without anyone noticing, she became quite close to boys and to MDMA. She loved to sing and to act; and as every good actress, she loves to have a little drama in real life. One day she finally decided to show her talent to the world. She signed a contract with a TV channel to film a mini series that would make her famous in the acting industry. Julia was so excited and in such a hurry that she was determined to play any character and signed without even reading the contract. What followed this was the most bizarre and humiliating sitcom one could ever imagine. Julia was so frustrated that as soon as she finished her work she moved as far as she could from Denmark and landed in Melbourne. Now she is ready to start fresh and be a successful singer. She doesn’t doubt of her skills at all, her only question is: will she be able to escape from her past?
Hidden talent: acting is trying to remain hidden from Melbourne
Relationship Status: Secretly hooking up with her dealer
Model: Amanda Norgaard

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“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” we were all signing and dancing. 

We’ve just finished uploading a new video to YouTube and we were very happy. The amount of likes was increasing quite fast since our first ones. 

In my mind, I was actually a little worried. Being so many girls in this group, I was always scared I might not get noticed. Was I the favourite one or the least favourite? I always hoped for the best but I still had to work harder. This time I could not fail.

“Hey, let’s google our names” one of the girls said joking, probably excited by the margaritas.

My eyes became wide open as soon as I heard the words “No!” I screamed.

Everyone looked at me puzzled.

“I mean, wouldn’t that be lame?” I tried to make up for my mistake “Plus, don’t waste our time together in front of a monitor” 

The girls were obviously confused with my reaction but they went along with my idea. After dancing and singing a little bit more, I convinced myself that, in case they did that in another time, every page about me would be in Danish and they wouldn’t understand anything. 

My phone beeped. I looked around for it but couldn’t find it.

“You’ve got a message from Jason, should I read it for you?”

As soon as I heard that name I jumped like crazy to get it back. Sometimes I felt like I was constantly trying to keep things hidden and that it would be better for me to come clean. But it wasn’t time for me to do that yet.

I read on my phone’s screen: ‘I’ve got your order. You can call for it whenever you want’. I was having fun with the girl but at the same time I didn’t know how much time I could go without my pills. Finally, I acted like I had a headache – after all that was one thing I was good at – and left. I promised myself to never do that again. I sometimes forgot that I had a new and extremely important objective and that nothing was more important than that.
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