What's the meaning of "Be Original" ?
Today pls let’s me say sth about this.
My set published since 8days ago:http://www.polyvore.com/jessica_stam/set?id=51076283&lid=1637754
I was published this set on my night time based on my time zone that faster than U.S time around 12 hours. Confident to say i published it first,save item,finding theme set,create style by my own.

Main point is I see someone Copy my set or this case i called copy idea that where you can find "That set"on Top sets page.some of my polyfriends know which set i've talks about.
if we makes discuss of "Be Original" for me beside top to toe ,I'm include style,idea,theme set for "Be Original" surely,ppl can get inspire from another member but not used to adaptation.

Each set has theme set to tell if I stele another ppl theme set and change some item that can called Original?

This set not about get the look,or photo shoot can find on recent page Jessica Stam pics since 2009 so many ppl used it before me,click review item you'll see sets that used these pics,even some little detail likes water drop is can be coincident? curious?

I'm angry coz this set isn't about get the look that so many ppl can used same item same style.why I wasting time for create my theme set, seeking stuff for my set just searching for another best set of ppl here ,once i said to my friend here i can create set with 10 minute but if i find my item & ready to make it. 

I'm not sorry for my strongly words,I’ll let it pass last week ago but for now if I can find the reason for my self can accept.
more disappointed coz that person used to be my following i do support,the one that i do like her so much,I can't believe it that i was stole idea.
Btw,really break my heart.don't say this is not,of course for random ppl you can judge by your reason but for me i can't accept it.
Don’t understand me wrong I’m not blame ppl who used to support her or congrats her on Top sets.
I’m not jealous too.
determined to stop my supporting after this happened.
And this set of mine not get like by that person , well what’s I means.

Idea is an important motivative to make set,each person have own idea even same layout..
how come of same feeling,combination,the atmosphere,little detail and style --> Copy?

However,I really want to apologize someone here[C] if you read it,back then she sending me link of someone's set[B] that copy idea/style of [A] set and i just said to her that just same texture she used can't called it copy etc.now i get it why so upset to see it.
idea isn't come easy then stole,upgrade,change some detail -->unfair i can't accept.

I'm selfish,I'm narrow minded it's true I don't want someone steal my idea.
Don't put campaign "Be Original" on your profile if you not understand the meaning of it.
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