Top Set for June 11th, 2015 

Thank you to everyone for supporting the BE ORIGINAL campaign on Polyvore! 

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Today I woke up to a message telling me that yet another one of my sets, as well as their sets, has been copied item by item, placement by placement and word for word. This is not the first time this has happened to this person, me, and many other Polyvore member's I know and respect on this site. Anybody who has published their sets on Polyvore knows that it takes time, planning and thought into creating and publishing our sets. To have someone copying the ideas that you published is plagiarism. Plagiarism can get you kicked out of university, can suspend you from publishing any articles, and can be heavily fined if found in published music. When I joined this site, I had only a few copyied sets reported to me by fellow members, but now its risen dramatically. I know I'm not the only one who feels this sentiment, as many members have messaged me having experienced the exact same things. Thank you to those members for bringing this to my attention. 

We need to stop copying people's sets and learn to express our own creativity and style. We can all get inspiration from one another, whether it be a certain style of set, or fashion style. But there is a stark difference between inspiration and copying. Please everyone, lets all #beoriginal
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