having a night out at a club is so much fun, especially when your with your best buddies, but not when our not prepared for the night ahead. i have designed a little collection of things you should DEFINITELY bring for a safe, fun night were you can truly enjoy yourself.
1. a bottle of water-once you've started to drink, its hard to stop, but if you feel the urge to drink more than you should, sip water, it'll take your mind off of it.
2. a pair of flip-flops- when you've just come out of a club, your killer heals would've almost battered your poor feet, rescue them with a simple pair of flat shoes for the journey home.
3. wooly hat- what if you come out of the bar or club and its zero degrees outside? you're going to need something that will keep you warm.
4. a cheap phone with your contacts on it- bringing an expensive phone into a club like an iphone or a blackberry there is high chance you could lose it or have it stolen, however, with a cheap, brick phone like a nokia, it is reliable and nobody will try to steal it because it wont be of any value!
5. makeup bag- obviously!
6. deodrant- your going to sweat with all that dancing, so nip to the loo every couple of hours and apply some simple deodrant.
7. some freshening gum- omigod omigod your about to go into a club and your breath stinks! with all those people its obvious someone will notice! don't worry, chew a piece of gum to freshen your mouth.
8. a role of money- obviously your going to bring wads of cash to pay for drinks and admission, however at the end of the night you may find you have spent too much and cannot afford the taxi home, don't dispair, hide around 20 or 30 pounds in your bra or in your tights, or even in your shoes! this way the money wont be tempting for you to spend while your'e buying the drinks!
9. a rain mac- believe me! after a night out your'e really not gonna care what you look like when you're waiting for a cab and its pouring it down with rain, a pac-a-mac is perfect will be perfect as it keeps the wind and rain off your skin and can fit in your handbag!
packing these essentials will defo come in handy and will help you feel reassured and relaxed and ready to have fun!

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