I really like the band 'wolf gang' at the moment... and so should you! Look them up! I was going to make a set earlier but I decided to sort out my items into different colour - BIG MISTAKE. mainly because I'm a procrastinator but yeah... Anyways! I got tagged and it's a bout time I did the tag!


Tag the creator: @enotia 
1) A childhood game you played:
Stuck in the mud. Or tag , both made me realise that you can't trust ANYONE when a game is being played!
2) A funny/embarrassing memory:
I tried to use my mums brush once - you know those once with bristles the entire way round? - it got stuck in my hair, my dad was the only other person in the house, he had to cut a bit of my hair, i was late to a PARTY. no-one noticed but i felt SO self concious... :P

3) A bad memory:
I try not to think of bad memories as it drags me down :)

4) A memory involving your best friend:
I have many... the recent one is fighting each other with those plastic swords in front of the brownies - we are so cool! and we're meant to be in control... I'm a terrible influence.

5) A memory with family members:
When I went to see Bellowhead with them on wednesday :3

if you mean the entire family then it's when I went to my cousins wedding in Czech Rebublic :3

Now tag 5 people and have a lovely day or night or whatevs!!

1. @iliketurtles
2. @potterobssesivedealwithit 
3. @iamgiraffe 
4. @lion-hearted 
5. @brittanysnotaheroshesaliar 

Who actually wants to be tagged in these? I never know... please tell me if you do!
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