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Revolution Rising,
Jennifer Walters

We're putting your efforts in cooperating together to the test in a battle simulation. Pick a partner, a friend, or even an enemy and face-off against another member in a battle of wits and agility as you experience your first taste of what real-life fighting is like as an Avenger. Even better, you will have the chance to fight in our Life-Model Simulator that places you in a variety of worlds where you will fight in virtual reality against a surprise enemy. Once again, Agents Amora and Bucky will be on site to observe your abilities. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, request to battle against an Elite Squadron Member. Or perhaps Bucky or Amora themselves, granted they even allow you that honor.

Since for this event, you need a partner to fight against, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to collab with someone. Comment below if you'd like a piece of She-Hulk, she promises not to kill you. On another note, I actually like this set; at first I didn't but it's growing on me.
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