@loveharrystylesx It's the first day of Summer, that means one thing...beach day! Britt made her way to the blue waves to float on her back, and forget the day, til she felt two hands splash her "Hey watch it I am sunbathing here!" "Oh sorry my friends won't stop chasing me" A striking smile spread across his face, "I am Harry, let me make up my rude behavior, how bout we get ice cream and walk along the pier?" "Sounds like a plan." Yall are soon laughing and talking across the pier, ice cream smeared across both yours and his upper lip.. "oh goodness look at the mess we've made of ourselves" you speak grinning. "Well it looks awfully cute on you" Harry speaks softly slowly wiping the chocolate from your mouth, tilting your head up in the process, "your the sweetest thing I've come across, it'd be a shame if i didn't kiss you" he smirks. You giggle softly and nod. Ever so gently your strawberry lips connect with his, and its the most breathtaking and hypnotic kiss you've ever experienced, after what seemed like moments...he breaks the kiss, you frown slightly. "shhh shh no need for frowns this is the beginning I swear, please be mine for this summer and longer please",he pecks your nose and cheek quickly, before one last lip lock. You freeze, but smile widely and nod, he grasps your hand, and the both of you leave the beach hand in hand...this is truly the begging of something lovely you can feel it. (hope you like it, please comment your thoughts pretty please) :) xx
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