Ophelia ‘Lia’ Elyse Bird
Hometown; Boston, MA
-A quiet, innocent exterior, but a booming personality. Ophelia is not the type of girl that you judge upon seeing her. Her look totally overshadows who she it. Most people think she is some naïve, young little girl, but once she opens her mouth and people get to know her, she shocks them all. Lia’s personality spans from quiet to blunt and abrasive. It can differ, but one thing stays constant: she hates lying to people. White lies even bug her. Lia comes from a wealthy family; her father is the all time great Celtic Larry Bird. Ophelia grew up only knowing basketball, so essentially, her whole life revolves around it. Her father still has some ties to the team, but other than him, she’s made most of the connections. Lia’s very loyal, and if you’re her friend, consider yourself very lucky.
Rosie Tupper

“Ophelia! I need you in my office !” Sophia yelled from her office. Glancing over at January, I bit my nails and she laughed at me.

“Hello Sophia. You wanted me,” I said meekly walking into her office. I kept my glance low, staring at the front of my heels. Slowly, I lifted my gaze to meet hers. Sophia was busy taking notes in the magazine to give me even a glance.

“Yes, I did. Can you go tell Steve in the clothing department that he needs to send up the fabric samples we plan to use….” She continued to ramble off her demands, and I took them down like a good little girl. January’s typing echoed in the background.

“Is that all?” I asked as soon as she ended. She gave me at least ten things I needed to finish before the end of the day. Nodding, she dismissed me to begin the chores.

“Look at this list!” I whispered thrusting it at January. She skimmed it before handing it back to me.

“I’ll take the ones located in the building. You do the ones outside.” She got out of her seat. “God, what does she expect you to finish everything?” she muttered under her breath. Grabbing my purse, I headed outside to begin the errands.

The first thing to do…hmmm. I scanned the list and found that I needed to pick up some books for Sophia’s children. Barnes and Nobles was open so I hopped into my car and headed over there. The store was super busy. The line went on for days, and some of the books Sophia wanted weren’t on the shelves. I somehow managed to get the workers to snag me the books from the back. When he came back, I gave him an extra tip curtsey of Sophia. As I checked out, my phone rang. Answering it, I multitasked with paying and talking.

“Lia, are you there?” The voice was clearly my sister. Taking the bags from the cashier, I headed towards the car and slipped in. The phone call switched over to the hands-free part of the car.

“Ari! How are you? What are you doing calling me in the middle of the day?” I added driving away. The next stop I had was across town, just enough time to finish the phone call.

“I wanted to let you know that I’ll be in town this weekend,” she said. My mind reeled with what Sophia’s plans were. She planned to fly to Miami to talk with some other designers.

“Yeah, yeah, Sophia will be gone, so you might be able to stay with me.” Ari sighed in the background, clearly upset with what I said.

“Did you take vows or something? You’re not married are you?” Ari sneered. God, my family hated my job, but I had to stay in it. It was something constant in my life, like basketball.

“Whatever, I guess I’ll see you this weekend then,” I ended planning to hang up.

“Wait,” Ari chimed in, “I’m sorry. I’ll see you this weekend. What about McKinley?” Oh yeah, my best friend McKinley. I needed to meet with her this weekend and just hang out. We talked a couple nights ago, but that was cut short because Sophia called me to pick up her kids from a recital. 

“I’ll see if she can meet us. We can all go to lunch or something.” Only if the boss has nothing for me to do, I thought to myself. I hated how I was always busy, but the pay was extremely good.

“That would be so much fun! Plus, I have some news to share!”

“Do tell!” Oh shitt, this phone call was coming to an end. “Arizona,” I started but she cut me off.

“Oh lord, you pulled out the first name. You must have to go,” she stated sadly. “I’ll see you this weekend. Goodbye, Ophelia.” She made my name sound like a curse word. She hung up way before I could say anything.

Parking the car, I got out but ran into someone. The body wore a nice suit and you could feel the muscles through it. Oh lord, what was I doing practically feeling him up. I looked up into the man’s face, and saw a scruffy, handsome face.

“Sorry about that, miss,” the scruffy guy said. We separated and he shut the door for me. He started walking away, but I stopped him.

“Wait, you can’t run into a girl and just walk away.” He gave me a look.

“If I recall, you ran into me, and /I/ said I was sorry,” he countered as we walked out of the street.

“Still though, it’s not fair. You didn’t even give your name,” I retorted throwing my hair back. He threw his back to chuckle. “What’s so funny?” I c-cked my hip and rested a hand on it.

“You’re attempting to flirt with me,” he replied rubbing his scruffy, cute chin with his hand.

“No, I’m not. I’m serious. You at least owe me your name for running me over.” He just smiled.

“Fine, I’ll cave. It’s Cody,” he answered.

“Cody no last name? Wow, I feel so honored to know my fourth Cody just running around Boston,” I stated annoyed. He bit his lip before answering again.

“Cody Frank.” That name. Oh my lord! He was the son of one of the assistant coaches of the Boston Celtics. “What’s your name then little miss bossy?”

“Ophelia…Bird.” His eyes lit up. Cody recognized my name as I did his. The names definitely floated around the Celtics organization.

“Yes, Bird.” He nodded.

“That’s cool.” I smiled to myself. Cody was trying to not make my name a big deal. I gave him my name and started walking away. I swished back throwing my hair behind my head. I flashed him a smile and went into the store to buy Sophia something else on her list. Hmm, maybe thins could be a lot better.

[read it type; what name did we get
Still have writer’s block
This sucks a.ss
And cast list coming up!]
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Wrote 5 years ago
wow noice

Wrote 5 years ago
what name did we get.
loveee the story! i like your character a lot (:
and great set too!

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
gorrrrgeous, love this so much! and the outfit is so cute :)


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