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They All Surrounded Me // Eisley

The Fairy Tale Dreamcast Challenge: Karen Gillan as Little Red Riding Hood.

Most stories claiming to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood describe her with a cloak as red as blood; but what if it wasn't a cloak, but her hair that gave her the name? Hair she did indeed inherit from her Grandmother. The legend has been passed through the ages, terrifying children and parents alike. In a different version, perhaps the wolf was drawn to the beautiful girl's red hair, unlike anything he had ever seen. Once having seen her, he could never forget it. So obsessed did he become with this girl, he needed to be close to her. Trying to accomplish this goal, he tricked and ate her grandmother. as the story tells, but instead of a huntsman, 'twas Red that rescued her beloved Grandmother. Just the sight of the his object of desire blinded the Wolf, and gave Red time to kill him with the axe by the door, saving her Grandmother. She never knew why this creature had been so interested in her, as a result she and her old grandmother told the story over and over again, to many people, trying to make sense of the incident. Over the years the reasoning became that a red hood was given to the girl, instead of her natural bright red hair, thus giving us the legend of today.

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