This is for @sgkirby (Feel free to correct any mistakes that I made, because I don't think it's entirely grammatical correct. Or if you want anything else changed, just let me know:))
If you want to write a Beatles story too, you should message her and she'll give you a song to write about. Make sure to do it quick because the deadline is the 31st of March :)

This was a huge challenge for me, 'cause sure I can write a short story, but I've never written a story in English before, since English is not my native language.
I hope it didn't turn out that bad =/
So I'm sorry if I made a lot of mistakes!!

Well, after all the apologizing, here's the story:
(or just ignore it and enjoy my set, which is probably better than my story :)) ugh well okay here we go:


One day, Walrus John woke up and felt a little strange. For some reason he knew that this was going to be an unusual day.
He brushed his huge mustache, walked to the kitchen and made himself some breakfast. He then sat down on the bench outside of the house, overlooking his English garden. There was no sun, so while Walrus John was eating, he waited for it to start shining.
Suddenly he saw a van approaching in the distance. And since he lived in the middle of nowhere, Walrus John immediately noticed when someone approached his house. 
He followed the van from out of the corner of his eye, and recognized Walrus Paul behind the wheel. Walrus John smiled, knowing that his friends would be spending the day with him.
A couple of minutes later, Walrus Paul, Walrus George and Walrus Ringo sat down next to him on the bench. They then heard a loud *CRACK*, and everybody turned to look at Walrus George. 
"Was that you?" Walrus Ringo asked. Walrus George got up and grabbed the pieces of a cornflake out from under him. He immediately put the pieces in his mouth and ate them. "Do you really have to eat everything?" Walrus John asked, with his mouth full of cornflakes.
Suddenly Walrus John felt a drop of water on his nose. "I think it's going to rain," Walrus Paul said, while looking at the grey sky.
"Ugh, stupid bloody tuesday."
"Well, let's get inside then," Walrus George said, and they all went inside. 
"Hey, wait a minute..." Walrus Ringo said, and he suddenly stopped while walking through the hallway.
He looked in the mirror that hung on the wall and he stared for a couple of moments. "What is it?" Walrus George asked, and he walked over to Walrus Ringo and looked in the mirror as well. "Since when do you get a tan from the rain??"
They all looked in the mirror and Walrus John noticed they all had a tan, even though their walrus skin was already quite dark.
"Well, that's odd."

And then Paul woke up, confused. What a strange dream, he thought, it reminded him of I am the Walrus.
He then got a little sad because in the dream John and George were still alive. And in the dream he was John and John was him. It reminded Paul of the very first sentence of the song. 'I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together'. We were. We /were/ all together.


okay, let me know what you think of it and please if you notice any mistakes don't be afraid to let me know :) I may edit it a bit later..


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