today was the day. i have been interning for radio 1 for a while now and today they wanted me to interview a special guest, one direction! i was so excited! i couldn't believe i would be meeting them in less than an hour. i loved them but niall definately stood out. i loved his beautiful blue eyes and his rosey cheeks. 
i hopped in my car and was on my way to the radio station. it took me about 15 minutes to get there. i got in set my purse on the chair i would be sitting on and went to grab some water. while i was sipping my water i herd my boss say they were here and he was telling me to make sure the mic's were ready.i finished my water and ran to the mic's checked them and while i was working on the last on i herd a familiar irish accent. i got chills and froze. 

"where do we go?" he asked i turned around and answered him. 

"over here!" 

"thanks" he answered 

i had finished the mic and went to the other side. the boys sat down in front of me and sat niall, louis, zayn, harry, then liam. (from right to left) 
i shook all of there hands(which was amazing!) and contained myself from fangirling. 

"time to start ariana!" my boss yelled.

"alright just talk into the mic and you should be good!" i instructed them 

"alright, thanks, okay!" were all answers i got. 

"ok when this song is over." the boss yelled again. 

i sat down and put my head phones on and herd the song nearing the end. when the song was over i realized i wouldn't need them anymore and took them off. 

"hi this is ariana here with the boys of one direction!" everyone wooed and i continued talking. 
"they just recently won 3 moon men congratulations! how was it like to win?" 

liam answered me and while he was talking i noticed niall looking at me. 

"ok now where going to play a game!" 

"what are the rules?" harry asked

"ok it's called sing it , just saying i did not make this up my boss did, ok so i'm going to ask you a question and you have to sing your answer." 

"oo thats a new one!" niall said

"that good!" i replied "okay first question goes to liam. i herd you once asked a girl out by singing to her? " 

"yes, i sang to her and she dumped me the next day" 

"great! we'll not that she dumped you the next day i ment your singing... moving on! harry whats your favorite country you have been to so far? " 

i continued down the line asking questions and when i got to niall the question was ; what do you look for in a girl?

"niall your question is; what do you look for in a girl?"

"i like funny girls, who are a bit different- but they have to be my height or smaller" 

"awesome! group questions. when i ask a question answer by saying who you think fits that." 

"do you still have to sing?" louis asked


"alright lets start!" 

"who isn't a morning person?" 

"niall!" they all shouted except niall.

"don't worry i hate mornings too" i told him. 

"see boys im not the only one!" 

i laughed,"who is the loudest?" 


"yea me. " he shrugged his shoulders with a grin.

i laughed again, " the most organized?" 


"best cook?" 

niall answered the fastest, "harry!" 
the boys looked at him and laughed. 
"what i like food! its sweet! like her!" he pointed to me. that did not just happened? 

"that was a bit cheesy mate!" harry laughed.

"haha cheesy thats funny because were talking about food......" louis said, no one laughed. "guess not" everyone laughed. liam leaned into the mic, 
"i think someone has a crush" 

"naughty boy!" harry said
me and niall blushed.

throughout the rest of the interview we talked in general and niall would drop little comments trying to flirt. i couldn't believe it. but finally the interview 
was over. the boys had left and my shift was done i was grabbing my purse and someone came running in. i looked up to see niall standing before me. 

"hey, did you forget something?" 

"yeah this" he handed me a paper. 


"gotta go i hope to see you again. bye" he gave me a hug and ran back out. 

i opened the paper and it had his number on it and under it said 

"dinner and a movie?" 

i literally jumped, i was so excited i didn't care what anyone thought! 

i got home and called niall. we are going on a date tonight!


i got dressed in:

 right when i finished getting ready i herd a knock at my door. it was niall. he ended up taking me to a fancy resturaunt which name i cant remember then we went and saw the amazing spiderman. our date went great! niall was so nice and such a gentlemen. at the end of the night he dropped me off. he walked me to my door and kissed my cheek. 
the next week we had a date planned. we were going to a play showing at the local college. i hope this is the start of an amazing relationship!

A/N thanks for reading and thanks for requesting @arianahoran ! :D
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