For the contest Life is Like a Box of Chocolates:

I was tagged by @jenica35 in her lovely set:

- Make a set based on the Asian celebrity (aka chocolate flavor) you are tagged with
- The set doesn't have to be chocolate themed, just themed around the celebrity you are tagged with
- Tag at least 3 other polyfriends with the chocolate flavor and Asian celebrity (singer, model, actor, etc.) of your choice
- If you can't think of anyone to tag, tag @kokafor934! She will be happy to do this again
- Enter this contest:

I was tagged with Key (of South Korean group SHINee) and Blueberry Chocolate Tart. I just happened to have save the bigger picture recently and it fits perfectly with this flavor! I like Key! Though he isn't my favorite in Shinee, it is fun watching him on variety shows because of the stuff he says and does.

I tag: 
@danahz: Black Tea Chocolate - David Chiang (Chinese Actor)
@shinee-pearly: Honey Chocolate - Hyun Bin (Korean Actor)
@mirmin: Jasmine Chocolate - Ai Carina Uemura (Japanese Singer)
@b2uy-anna: Plum Chocolate - Dongwoon (Beast)
@bangles77: Citrus Chocolate - Jay Chou (Taiwanese singer and actor)
@kier-kier: Orchid Chocolate - Jin Jung Sun (Korean Model)
@kishymanjuntak: Chocolate Malt - Cyndi Wang (Taiwanese singer and actress)

If you want to be tagged and haven't been, let me know and I will tag you!

Also for the Asian Monthly Challenge (April):
15. An idol whose real name/stage name starts with the same letter as yours. Key and my name both start with a K!

Saturday, May 11th, 2013
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