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Beautiful Dreams

Welcome to my group my darling dreaming companions. This group is to show your dreams, and who you are because of them. A wonderful quote about them: "Dreams are peeks into our souls. If we can see someone's dream we see a piece of their soul. One should never stop dreaming, for when one dreams one frees their soul. Those who do not dream have very sad and lonely lives. To truly know a person one must know their dreams." You can find that quote on this profile: @phoenixsongdreamer And in this set: http://www.polyvore.com/dream/set?id=55199080 This group is based on that quote. It is the whole idea of this group. For this group, I want you to use artwork to show your dreams. So my goal is for this to be a completely artistic group, so please no fashion sets. Art only. I hope that this group catches your attention and that you plan on joining it. One last really important thing, have fun.
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