Beautiful Sets/Tags For Me From My Amazing PolyFriends

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    "You're welcome and thanks so much!! Very pretty thank you set. Charming and sweet creation. Looove!!!" — @shortyluv718
    "This is one of the best and most loving of gift sets!!! Thanks so much, my sweet WestCoastMom!!! Every thing you said/wrote. Right back at ya ;D Really appreciate it. Mom and I would rock this look to church. Very Mother's Day chic look. Love Ya!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Beautiful thing don’t ask for attention....
    "Wonderful Thank you set!! Love it. Gorgeous outfit and set styling. Fad skirt too ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Sky Is Blue, No Longer Grey
    "Thanks so much sweetie!!! Sweet of you to think of me. Pretty and perfect gift. Amazing creation and textures. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Kiss
    "Beautiful Thank You set!!! You're very welcome Sweetie. Adore the fashionable doll. Love her outfit ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
    "Thanks so much Ms. Mama Joy!! You went to town on this set. Love the lady in the pic and the NYC theme layout. You know I love the outfit and your styling expertise. Really appreciate this gift. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy Easter!
    "Thank you very much my dear!!! Beautiful Easter set!! Fantastic outfit styling. Great bag and shoes Love it!!" — @shortyluv718
  • Make Your Next Play
    "Thank you very much my dear!!! Really adore the coral colors. Her outfit is very fashionable, Spring and sweet. Sexy and feminine set too. Love it so much!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy Easter/Buona Pasqua!
    "Thank you very much sweeties. Amazing Easter gift set. Pretty Spring colors and outfit. Love it!!!" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy Easter - I'm so Eggcited :)
    "Thanks so much my dear!!! Loving this Easter set!! Gorgeous Easter eggs and florals. Pretty soft colors and layout. Adore it so much!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Salute
    "Thanks for the beautiful Thank you gift!! Beautiful floral dress and styling. Wonderful set design. Love it ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Thanks for your birthday gift! <3
    "Thanks so much sweetheart!! Pretty and lovely Thank You gift !!!. Cute floral top and bag. Great white jacket and warm weather styling outfit set. Love it!!!" — @shortyluv718
  • ''True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist. Albert Einstein''
    "Thank you very much sweetie!!! So sweet and kind of you ;)) Dazzling outfit set. Fabulous background design. Perfect styling Spring look . Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • In Search Of Refuge
    "Thank you very much!! Very alluring black and white creation. Great artistry. Like the back cross necklace look. Love this stunning gift set!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Thank you
    "Thanks so much sweetie!!! Very magical and whimsical creation gift. Pretty colors and scene. You're very talented and sweet. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Thank you Poly Friends!!
    "Thank you very much sweetheart!!! Super stylish outfit and doll set design!! Beautiful warm tones and background pic. Really appreciate this. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Too Fab
    "Thanks so much my dear!!! Fabulous outfit and set design. Love the teal/blue/whites. Adore the model and her matching makeup. Too fabulous and fierce!!! Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Goddess Athena
    "Thank you so much Darling!!! This is a wonderful and royal gift set!!!! I really love it. She looks like a true Power Diva ;D Beautiful metallic styling. Bronze is one of my fave colors too. Her outfit and hair do is too fierce. You're the best!! ♥♥♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Morning Angel
    "Thanks so much Sweetie. Loving this very charming set!! It's so girly chic and feminine. Adore the mini design. Colorful artistry. Beautiful Art gift set my dear!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Nature Lover
    "Thank you very much dear friend!!! You're so sweet!! Beautiful Valentine's Day set. Stunning wines and greens. Fantabulous outfit and picture. Love it so much!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Welcome Back Melissa @mellors @friend
    "Thank you Darling!!! Very pretty and whimsical. You are a very talented artist. Glad to see mellors back!!!! Lovely colors and design creation. Masterpiece. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Reese (happy valentine's!) ♥
    "Thank so much sweetheart!!! You're too sweet. Love and appreciate this cute Valentine's set!! Stylish hearts shirt styling and outfit. Amazing set design ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Love, Your Polyvore Friend Contest: My ShortyLuv
    "Thank you so much. A a wonderful gift from MYWestCoastMa!! You know I love this set. Valentine's Day theme perfection. Beautiful outfit. My dear, I really appreciate your kindness and sweetness ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • To my Polyvore Frends
    "Thanks so much sweetie!!! So kind of you. Very cute and pretty. Love the shoes and design. Stunning set!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • True beauty...
    "Thank you very much sweetie!!! Love it. So kind of you. Fantastic outfit and pics. Beautiful teal/blue set design ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Red Skirt! :)
    "Elegant and fierce set!! Thank you very much. So sweet of you. Really love how the shoes go with the overall outfit. Great styling my friend. Love it so much!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Beautiful Nightmare
    "Sizzling sexy set!!! Love the dreamy atmosphere. Stunning creation. Thanks so much. You're a sweetheart ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy New Year My Poly Friends! :)
    "Thank you very much my dear!! Very kind of you. Too cute New Year set. Sunning design and adorable puppy. Love it!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Raiding the closet......
    "You're welcome and Thank you sweetie. Beautiful blue dress and styling. Stunning shoes and bag. So sweet of you ;D Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy New Year ❤️
    "Thanks so much Sweetheart. Very nice and thoughtful of you,to write us a beautiful poem. Such inspiring and beautiful words. Lovely New Years gift set. Love it my friend!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Elastic Heart
    "Thank you very much my dear!! Love the flirty skirt styling and pink color. Very chic outfit. So sweet of you. Love it so much!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy New Year 2014!!!
    "Thank you very much sweetie!! Very kind of you. Super glamorous Selena Holiday set. Beautiful outfit and gift. Love it!!!" — @shortyluv718
  • twist
    "Thank you very much my dear!!! So sweet of you ;)) Very fabulous and fierce design set. Amazing dragon portrait and inspiring quote. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • ★Happy Holidays my dear friends!!!!★
    "Thank you very much sweet friend!!! Marvelous Holiday/New Year outfit set. So kind and thoughtful!! Amazing colors, prints and styling. You have great taste sweetie. Love it so much!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy Holidays!!
    "Thanks so much sweetie!! So sweet and thoughtful. Fabulous colors and New Years party styling. Amazing outfit and set. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Merry Christmas!!
    "Thanks so much my dear!! So sweet of you. Very classy and luxurious Holiday set. Elegant and stylish outfit. Love it!!!<3<3" — @shortyluv718
  • Have a jolly Christmas!!!&lt;3&lt;3&lt;3
    "Thank you very much sweetie!! So kind and thoughtful of you. Wonderful Holiday set. Very stylish dress and outfit too. Love it!!! <3<3" — @shortyluv718
    "Thank you!! So nice of you ;)) Beautiful and sweet Christmas outfit set. Very stylish pink/black look. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart!
    "Thank you very much my dear!!! Very kind of you. Stunning styling outfit and set design. Loving the Urban look and subway scene. Love it !!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • a merry christmas to all my polyfriends !!!,,,,,,,,,,,
    "Thanks so much sweetie!! So kind of you. Adorable Santa Clause set. Beautiful and authentic creation. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
    "Thank you very much MyWestCoastMa. You Rock!! Great way of showing them from their beginning to end. Younger and older. Fabulous outfit. Very grown, sexy and Urban Chic!! Very stunning set. Love It!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
    "Thank you very much Darling. Very cute outfit and shoes!!! The flower umbrella and the meaning behind it is so beautiful and creative. Stunning New Year set. Love it so much!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Christmas Ornaments
    "Thank you very much Sweetheart!!! You're the best ;D Very elegant and Divalicious doll. You're the best ;D Gorgeous olive color gown and golden colorful decorations. Love it this Christmas look so much!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Mademoiselle
    "Thank you very much my dear!!! So kind and thoughtful of you. Very ladylike and stylishly feminine. Beautiful pose and background scene. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Merry Christmas.... 2.
    "Thanks so much sweetie!! So sweet and thoughtful of you. Very elegant outfit and metallic styling. Gorgeous leopard prints. Love it!!! <3<3" — @shortyluv718
  • Peace and Joy
    "Thank you very much and Happy Holidays my dear!!! Very kind of you. Lovely lace dress and outfit. Very feminine set. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Partner' In A Pear Tree
    "Thank you very much my dear!! Very pretty Christmas art set. Very sweet colors and gentle design. Love it!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy Holidays to all my friends ♥♥♥
    "Thanks so much sweetie!! Very splendid Holiday set!!! Gorgeous red/gold outfit styling. Beautiful dress and set design. Love it!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
    "Thank you very much MyWestCoastMa!! Gorgeous pretty pink Holiday set!! Beautiful pink dress, champagne, accessories, everything. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • My Gift of Gold for a Happy New Year!!
    "Thank you very much my dear!!! You're too kind ;D Very stylish grown and sexy outfit. Stunning bronze jacket and NYE party look. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happy Holidays To All
    "Thanks sweetie!! So sweet of you. Very beautiful and dazzling Holiday/Christmas set. Gorgeous silvers. Love it !! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Untitled #160
    "Thank you very much Sweetheart!!! So kind of you. Very elegant and ladylike set!!! Pretty background pics. Love it!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Atmosphere Absorption
    "You're very welcome sweetie!! Love this Gorgeous Winter design thank you gift ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Our Chance
    "Thanks so much sweetie. So sweet of you. Fabulous and chic NYE outfit and set design. Cute and festive dress. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Fun In The Snow
    "Thank you very much Sweetheart!! So kind of you. Fantastic and playful Winter Holiday Gift set!!. Great design. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Give me the coffee..
    "Thank you very much Sweetheart.!! You are too sweet and thoughtful. Very elegant outfit and fabulous set. Gorgeous pinks and plums colors. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Nefriti
    "Thank you very much!!! So kind and thoughtful of you ;)) Stunning and elegant African Queen art portrait. Very mesmerizing. Love it !!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • How Stylish Are You?
    "Thank you very much Darling. Welcome and glad you're back ;)) Love the bold colors sexy outfit. Beautiful floral and pics. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Somewhere My Love
    "Thank you and you're welcome my dear!! Very sweet and thoughtful of you ;D Fabulous coat and outfit. Very chic and sophisticated. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • #166 [ Dear my friend... / 1 year!! ]
    "You're very welcome and thank you sweetie!!! Appreciate the lovely gesture. Super cute styling. Pretty outfit and set. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Hey girls Hey boys
    "You're welcome and thank you sweetie!!! You're very sweet and thoughtful to make this for us ;)) Lovely pinks and pretty design art set. Love it!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Gratitude: 09
    "Thank you very much sweetie!! So very kind of you. Lovely purples and lavenders. Gorgeous dress and elegant look. Love it!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • To my Poly friends & followers :D
    "Your very welcome my dear and thank you for this delicious and tasty dedication set!!! Your very sweet. Love the creative Halloween theme and outfit. Love it !!!♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • They got nothing on you.
    "Thanks so much sweetie!! Too sweet. So fabulous and amazing artistry. Very interesting unique cut and paste design. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Vintage Roses
    "Thanks so much and you're very welcome my dear!! So sweet and kind of you. Stunning soft pinks and feminine vintage styling. Very pretty set. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Brown Skin Girl
    "Thanks so much sweetie!! Very gorgeous lady and set. Very cute outfit too!! This made my day, so sweet of you. Love your great artwork. So talented. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Smiles
    "Thank you very much sweetie. Very eautiful pastel colors and outfit. Stunning and fashion forward set. You're very sweet!!! Love it ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • My First Art Set
    "Thank you very much!! So sweet of you. Dazzling first time art set. So talented and creative. Looove!! <3<3<3" — @shortyluv718
  • Her Lover From Another World Arrives Tonight
    "Thank you very much sweetie!! Sensual and graceful art piece. Stunning creation. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Oh, Baby, Baby, We Belong Together
    "Thank you and you're very welcome Cutie!!! You're very sweet. Very simple and chic outfit. Fabulous date night look. Super elegant set. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Beautiful Friendship
    "You're welcome and thanks so much my dear!!! Love this gorgeous and glamorous blue set. You're too kind. Beautiful gown and night scenic views. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Summertime Sadness
    "Thank you very much Darling!! So sweet of you. Stunning colors and florals. Makes you don't want Summertime to end. Love it!! Very divine set ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • ♡Summer Bliss♡
    "You're very welcome and thank you very much sweetie!! You're very sweet. So love this set. Fabulous and sexy beachwear. Stunning Summer ambiance. Styling perfection ;)) ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Live Love Laugh
    "Thank you very much sweet friend!!! So darling and humorous set. Cute animals. Love the inspirational and words of wisdom statements. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Last Tango
    "You're very welcome and thank you sweetie!!! So kind and thoughtful. Appreciate it. Very sleek and chic look. Stunning choco colors and styling. Love it<3<3<3" — @shortyluv718
  • I miss you,sweeties❤❤❤
    "You're very welcome and thank you my dear!! Very kind and thoughtful of you. So charming and creative set. Love it. You're so sweet. Good luck my friend ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Thank You
    "You're very welcome and thank you sweetheart!! So very sweet of you. Too cute animals. Very darling set. Love it ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Ukraine: Motanka.... (Past and Present)
    "Thank you and you're welcome sweetie!! Stunning country views and set design. Cute country outfit.Love it!! Makes me want to visit ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Sista' N The City: Just 4 My Fav Poly-Shorty!!!
    "Thank you and you're welcome my friend!!! You're so lovely and sweet. This set is very special and sincere. Love it's east coast vibe. Very swaggalicious <3<3<3" — @shortyluv718
  • Alternate Reality
    "You're very welcome and thanks so much sweetie!! Fashionably cool doll. So fabulous and fierce. Love it so much ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Well Woman The Way The Time Cold I Wanna Be Keepin' You Warm, I Got The Right Temperature For Shelter You From The Storm
    "You're very welcome and thank you my dear!!! Beautiful and bold neon yellows. Very on trend and chic look. Love the chicness!!! ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Believe
    "You're very welcome and thank you sweetie!!! Very gorgeous and glamorous. Love the blue. So regal ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
    "You're very welcome and Thank you my dear!!! Very magical. Love the charming and whimsical look ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • My Summer Pool - Party for My Polyvore Girls!!!
    "You're very welcome and thank you sweetheart !!! Very fun and festive. Love the cuteness and the creativity. Fabulous ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Paradise
    "You're welcome and thank you Sweetheart!!! Very lavish and luxurious. Pretty purple magnificent design. Loove ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Always Friends
    "Thank you very much dear friend!!! Very touching and sweet. Pure sophistication and elegance. Dazzling set. Love it <3<3<3" — @shortyluv718
  • Forget mellow yellow. Wantering is all about neon right now!
    "You're welcome and thank you!! Very sexy sunny yellow looks. Fabulously bright and beautiful ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
    "You're welcome and thank you love!! Sassy and sweet. Wonderful cute animations. So beautifully decorative ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • When I Look Into Your Eyes It's Over, You Got Me Hooked With Your Love Controller
    "Thank you and you're welcome sweetie!! Very Bold and fashion forward style. Stunning colors ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Say My Name, Say My Name, If No One Is Around You, Say Baby I Love You, If You Ain't Running Games
    "Thank you and you're welcome cutie!! Very young and fresh. So cool, unique and stylish ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Tempest
    "Thank you and you're welcome sweetie!! Very classic and sophisticated. Gorgeous style ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.
    "Thank you and you're welcome dear!! Very fashionably fabulous and modern. Beautiful city views ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Leather Lux
    "Thank you and you're welcome darlings!! Very trendy urban street style Luxurious leathers ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Happiness
    "Thank you and you're welcome sweethearts!! Very cute and summer sweet ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
    "Thank you and you're welcome Diva!! Very Elegant and flamboyant. Boss Lady chic ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Shine Bright Like A Diamond
    "My first dedication set!! Loved it!! Very NYC. The place to be. So Fab with much swag. Thanks sweetness ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Little Mermaid
    "Thanks so much for the congratulations love!! Appreciate it. Very creative and unique artistry ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718
  • Dedication from a Sugar Doll.
    "Thank you and you're welcome hon. A stunning masterpiece ♥♥♥" — @shortyluv718


Wrote one year ago
fantastic collection!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you @shortyluv718 for using my set in this awesome collection. I enjoyed making this and if I can figure out a way to organize my PV friends' birthdays, I look forward to making many more.

Wrote two years ago
Sweetie thank you so much for adding my seat to this gorgeous collection!! :))))

Wrote two years ago
Thanks dear for add my sets to your amazing collection! ♥♥

Wrote two years ago
Great Collection! Thank you! :)

Wrote two years ago
How do you make collections @shortyluv718

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much Sweetie for adding my sets to your Gorgeous Collection!! :)

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much for adding my set to this wonderful collection!

Wrote two years ago
beautyful collection <3

Wrote two years ago
Gorgeous and beautiful collection sweetie !!!! Thank you so much for including me ♥♥♥♥

Wrote two years ago
Thanks for adding my set to your amazing collection! :) ♥♥♥

Wrote two years ago
Beautiful collection, Thank you for adding my set :)

Wrote two years ago
Fabulous & marvellous collection... Love, love, love!!!
& thanks for adding my set in this ;-) So sweet.

Wrote two years ago
Such a fabulous collection, so glad to be included in it. Xoxo <3

Wrote three years ago
great collection dear!

Wrote three years ago
Thanks so much,sweetie for adding my set to your wonderful and special collection❤❤❤❤❤❤hugs and kisses

Wrote three years ago
Wonderful collection, sweetie! ! Love it so much!
Thank you for adding my set!

Wrote three years ago
Wow! What an amazing collection. I am happy I was you first to dedicate a set to you.
And I see other people are happy to do the same for you.
Thank you :)

Wrote three years ago
these are all very lovely!

Wrote three years ago
What Sweethearts!! GRrrrrreat Sets for a GRrrreat Girl/Lady!!!

Wrote three years ago
Wow!! This is Beautiful!!! Thanks for adding me!! Totally luv this!!! :))

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so much for adding our sets to your wonderful collection! xoxoxoxo


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