Beautiful things are ordinary things.

If you love roses and tea, kittens and ribbons, you'll find this collection incredibly flattering to your taste. If you love romance and pearls, classic art and music, you will find this collection soothing to your soul. If you love glitter and magic, rainbow galore, your mind will encounter so so so much, inspiration. However, if you have an overdramatic, crazed, strange obsession with photography you will have the advantage to forget all I have babbled about and have to think no more; for photography brings all beautiful, ordinary things together. You'll fall in love in no time. What a wonderful feeling. <3 (:
I hope you all enjoy this beautiful collection of photos I have put together and I hope you love the new, upcoming photos soon to be posted.
Miss Daisy May
PS: These are some of my absolute favorite pictures from Day One on polyvore. (: Toodles.
{Created, 11:51, Friday the 13th of August}


Wrote 7 months ago
This collection is positively beautiful and haunting. Thank you for making it :)

Wrote two years ago
really nice and so true

Wrote two years ago
Nice!!!! ♥

Wrote three years ago
beautiful thanks for sharing


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