Total Black Look
Saundtrack - Tokio Hotel "Sacred"

When l was younger (oh, about 5 years ago) I adored Tokio Hotel. And I was similar to racoon or panda with my make-up xD 
I am not crazy fan now and prefer other types of music as a rule, but this song can tell you a story which is hidden in my set. 

"I still awake for you
We won’t make it together
We can’t hide the truth
I’m giving up for you now
My final wish will guide you out
Before the ocean breaks apart
Underneath me

To me you’ll be forever
I’m dying but I know
Our love will live
Your hand above like a dove
Over me
To me you’ll be forever

You break the ice when you speak
With every breath you take
You save me
I know that one day we’ll meet again
Try to go on as long as you can
Even when the ocean
Breaks apart underneath you

To me you’ll be forever
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