Beauty Essentials*♥ (:
Hey girls! This tip is a list of all the Beauty Essentials that I compiled. It really is the only list you’ll ever need IMO (: Hope it helps some!

O1; Hair*♥ (:
- Deep Conditioner
-Leave –in Conditioner
-Detangler {can be made using a dollop of conditioner and water}
-Shampoo Comb
-Regular Comb
-Boar Brush
-Regular Brush
-Bobby Pins
-Hair Clips
-Flat iron
-Blow Dryer
-Heat Protecting Spray or Serum
-Hair Spray
-Curling Iron
-Ponytail Holders
-Silk scarf or cap {to sleep in}
-Toothbrush {to smooth down edges}
-Gel or Jam
-Shower cap
-Hot Rollers or Rollers
-Rat-tail comb {I think that’s what they’re called Lol}
-Hair grease
-Shining Serum
-Hair Defrizzer
-Hair Vitamins/Supplements for Hair Growth

O2; Eyes*♥ (:
-Eyelash Curler
-Eye shadow
-White eyeliner
-Black eyeliner
-Eye drops for a quick shine to your eyes
-Eyelash Brush
-Vaseline to smoothen your eyebrows if needed
-Vaseline to apply at night to your eyelashes. It thickens them and helps them grow overtime (:
-Liquid Eyeliner

O3; Lips*♥ (:
-Natural Lip Gloss for a daily basis, like Burt’s Bees
-Color Lip Gloss {Red, peach etc.}
-Nude or Neutral Colored Lip Gloss
-Lip Plumper, for those of you who are into those (:
-Lip Tints
-Lip Balm
-Carmex, for cold sores

O4; Face*♥ (:
-A good cleansing soap
-A good moisturizer
-Benzoyl Peroxide
-Exfoliating Soap
-Blemish and Blackhead Scrub
-Nude Blush
-Peach Blush
-Cheek Tints
-Cotton Pads/ Swabs
-Facial Cleansing Wipes
-Makeup Remover
-Mini Makeup Pallets {In different colors}

O5; Feet and Hands*♥ (:
-Foot Soaker
-Hand and Foot lotion
-Pumice Stone
-Nail Filer
-Finger and Toe Nail Clippers
-Nude Nail Polish
-Color Nail Polish
-Clear Nail Polish
-Nail Polish Remover
-Nail Buffer

O6; Hygiene*♥ (:
-Body Wash
-Eucerin Cream for those of you who have like Eczema or really dry skin
-A good toothbrush
-Whitening Toothpaste
-Dentist Picks
-Whitening Strips
-Shaving Cream
-Perfume or Body Spray
-Breath Freshening Spray/Mints
-Sanitary Napkins

O7; Extras*♥ (:
-Makeup Brushes/ Brush Kit
-Makeup Bag
-Travel Size Items which you can get for most of the things listed up there

I’m not that knowledgeable about makeup, so I did the best I could (: I hope it’s not too bad. If there’s anything you think I missed, put it in the comments below!
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