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heeey everyone ~

it's friday, friday gotta get down on friday ♡

So i don't know what happened to this set, the colours kinda reflect my mood - dismal.

My Day ~ ♡
Registration - we sat there while the teacher did the register. 
House meetings - basically for our school's sports day we're in houses which are named after collieries in my area. So my 'house' had our meeting in the school gymnasium. Basically you just sign your name down for sports and i'm not doing anything thank goodness! ♡

Double ICT ~ It was kinda boring since everyone was doing their coursework and i've already done mine so yeah, i just kinda sat there for two hours. 

Break ~ I had to go collect my progress file [like a folder with certificates, letters, achievements etc] from reception as we have to give it in to be presented at our 'leavers' assembly. So yeah, my sister dropped it off, so i collected it to give in later.

Welsh [short course] - we went in the classroom with the student again and we wrote a piece about 'fy ardal' which is my area. So yeah, and then i was snapchatting people and the student unintentionally photo-bombed the background. awks

Biology - Today we learnt about anaerobic respiration and the difference between that and aerobic respiration.

Lunch ~ I took my progress file to the lady organising the ones for the leavers assembly, and then i bought a plain roll for lunch.

Welsh [full course] - my teacher was marking exam work to be sent off so we went in an english classroom with this supply woman and did stuff in our 'cyfryngau' [media] booklets

home ~

my mum also took my books back to the library and they finally had Lolita in so she got it for me to borrow ~ ♡

So yeah, an alright day i suppose but i suddenly feel like crap
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