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Hey guys! I hope you guys are doing well. I can relate to the girls that don't have hundreds of dollars to go and buy makeup and skincare products. So I'm here to help.

1. Drugstore. The drugstore has some many options and good products, but equally bad products as well. Before you guy go on youtube to look up reviews. 

2. Coupons/Deals. Drugstores often have sales such as buy one get one half off or buy one get one free. Then, in the local paper, magazines, online, and at the store they have great coupons. Don't be ashamed, you are saving yourself money.

3.Discount Stores. Big Lots often have makeup that has been discontinued, so it's a lot cheaper, but it's the same makeup. 

4. Second Hand. I know some friends try things that they don't want anymore, ask for them, and makeup you can find a use for them.

5. Beauty boxes. They are a great way for you to try things on a budget, for about 10 dollars per month you get new sample/full size products.

6. Take advantage of sets. Often at Ulta or Sephore or even Walmart, they have sets where you get mascara and a eyeliner, or foundation and a powder, and so on. Get it, it'll save you a couple dollars. 

7. Bundles. They often sell skincare products in a bundle, if you you like it, then get two because it's cheaper and you're gonna need it too.


God Bless
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