the beauty of rebellion.

Name:: Julie Winter Summer-Strand
Nashville, Texas
- ♥ -
Julie is a rebel. she doesn't care about almost anything. She's known for being arrested a few times. her mother threw her out, and she laughs about it nowadays. she's a bit crazy, and a little bit of an outsider. her flaws are thing she doesn't bother looking upon, and she doesn't care about any of them, nor does her psychiatrist.
knife, Carrie Underwood's "Two Black Cadillacs", poster of Paramore and a suicide note that her brother wrote that she will use when she kills herself. Likes/Dislikes::
music, violence, rebellion and taking sides against people
snobs, classy people, goodie goodies.
- ♥ -
Julie was born into a wealthy family, and she despised it. So she went about doing her thing until she got tired of gossiping and being mean to people. she decided to take it to the extreme. She went out one night and suffocated and man who was annoying her since she was four.
she killed her brother when she saw him one night and he was making fun of her for living on the streets and being poor.
over excitable
illegal. she isn't even aloud to go to school.
a little crazy.
Clique Choice::
? I don't know the cliques...
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