The sad fact remained, as she had realised for years, that the bond between a parents and their child will never be fully broken. No matter who the parent or child may be. 

At first when her father took her away from her house arrest she had seen it as an act of love. Even if he had forgotten to take her siblings. She was glad of the freedom. Soon however it became clear that her new Northern education and life would not agree with her. It was harsh and like the weather intensely cold. 

Being used to relaxed Eastern ways and her mothers plant filled conversatory this was an unkind life for the young girl, but she grew up to be a survivor. Being seperated from her siblings at such a young age and having had friends picked for her by her father (none of whom she liked) she knew what it was like to be alone. She managed.

Until of course the day her father took it in his head that it would greatly advance their family if she married her mother murderer (a woman he had never liked). there was cruel and then there was this ...

From that day on she still loved her father but never again trusted him. However she was nothing if not smart and knew this allowed for the possibility of vengeance. 

They struggled on together for months, Celia was stubborn like her father and only made conversation with her husband when she had to. Only saw him when she had to. He complained about her attitude and their lack of children, but she was patient. reminding them that there was literal blood on the floor between them.

he did not bear it ...

Few people came to share their bread and table when they saw how they were together. Aside from her mandatory friends who reminded her of her father wishes and her husband kind and compagnions who made her skin crawl. The fact that she said nothing of that however made her life tolerable and gave her the opportunity to avenge her mother.

6 months after her marriage one of her husbands fellow soldiers fighting for the Northern cause came to the house wanting to see him. It was a matter of some urgency regarding the war. 

Celia saw her change and told him he could tell her as her husband was out. She would pass on the message.

He did tell her. A long expected fight they would have with the royal troops would see a far larger turn out then forseen. They needed more men and the task was put to Celia's husband to find them.

She ensured she would pass it on, but being aware that her husband was no good in large scale fights so kept it to herself.

At diner he said he had heard a fellow soldier came by and Celia just shrugged. Saying the man was just nervous and wanted to know if he was fully prepared.

Two days and one large scale battle later Celia was a widow. She smiled when she got the news ...

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