I saw a book based (ha!) on the Persephone and Hades myth at the thrift store the other day; The Goddess of Spring by P.C Cast 

1. Makes some mortal girl fall in love with Hades and what, why...who...
2. The authour also co-wrote the House of Night Series....eeeeh, ugh. No. 
3. Just No.
4. But I am tempted to buy it because there are never any Hades and Persephone/Greek Mythology retellings anywhere : ( 
5. This isn't a retelling, it's a screwing-it-up-telling...but...I....:c 
6. No but seriously, I saw it, got excited at first. Saw the authour, read the description on the back and literally wanted to throw it while at the thrift store. (okay not literally but seriously.)

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