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  • bebe Scrolled Bib Necklace
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    bebe Scrolled Bib Necklace
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  • bebe Flower & Fringe Earrings
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    bebe Flower & Fringe Earrings
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  • bebe Resin Flower Necklace
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    bebe Resin Flower Necklace
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  • Crystal Choker Necklace
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    Crystal Choker Necklace
    Captivating aurora borealis crystal necklace in a glamorous choker design. Draws instant attention with exquisite teardrop fringe and stunning iridescent radiance.
  • Chain & Feather Earrings
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    Chain & Feather Earrings
    Elegantly eclectic dangle earrings with a unique mixed-media design, featuring refined chains, feather fringe and crystal cabochons in a glistening checkerboard cut.
  • Crushed Crystal Cuff
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    Crushed Crystal Cuff
    Bold goldtone cuff encrusted with shimmering multi-metallic crystals that create a richly organic look.
  • Crystal Interlock Earrings
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    Crystal Interlock Earrings
    Upscale earrings to wear day or evening in a posh interlocking triangle design detailed by shimmering rows of crystal pave.
  • Crystal & Bead Earrings
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    Crystal & Bead Earrings
    Luxurious earrings in an Art Deco-inspired design of shimmering crystals and gleaming gold-metallic bead fringe. Duster length and delicious movement instantly draw attention.
  • Pave Multi-Circle Earrings
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    Pave Multi-Circle Earrings
    Well rounded. Playful and chic crystal pave earrings in a unique multi-circle design.
  • Oval Stone Stretch Bracelet
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    Oval Stone Stretch Bracelet
    Opulent bracelet breathtakingly designed with glistening opalescent oval stones in shimmering crystal pave frames.
  • Crushed Crystal Earrings
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    Crushed Crystal Earrings
    Be noticed. Ultra-glam earrings with an articulated diamond design, flaunting multi-metallic crushed crystals in luxe goldtone teardrop frames.
  • Tiny Flower Hoop Earrings
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    Tiny Flower Hoop Earrings
    Luxe hoop earrings beautifully detailed by tiny flower accents.
  • Crystal Lined Bracelet
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    Crystal Lined Bracelet
    Elegant bracelet encrusted with double bands of shimmering crystal pave.
  • Velvet Pearlescent Bangle
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    Velvet Pearlescent Bangle
    Elegant bracelet featuring a luxe black velvet cuff nestling sparkling crystals, each flanked by a pair of luminous faux pearls.
  • Pearlescent Bracelet
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    Pearlescent Bracelet
    Irresistibly luxe bracelet featuring strands of faceted crystal beads and organic lucite drops nestled among mix-size pearlescent beads. Glistening baguette terminals provide stunning shimmer.
  • Allover Crystal Cuff
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    Allover Crystal Cuff
    Shimmering cocktail bracelet encrusted with stunning crystal pave arranged in a modern geo design.
  • Teardrop Statement Earrings
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    Teardrop Statement Earrings
    Extravagant chandelier earrings crushing it with glistening teardrop crystals set in high-sparkle pave frames. Articulated design means lots of eye-catching movement.
  • Glitter Hoop Earrings
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    Glitter Hoop Earrings
    Gorgeous hoop earrings featuring shimmering interlocked glitter and goldtone hoops.
  • Front-Back Floral Earrings
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    Front-Back Floral Earrings
    Ultra-pretty floral stud earrings backed by shimmering crystal pave spheres for a radiant front-to-back look.
  • Pearlescent Earrings
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    Pearlescent Earrings
    Breathtaking cluster earrings featuring lustrous faux pearls set in luxe pave frames. Sparkling crystal accent stones sprinkled throughout.
  • Twisted Pave Station Cuff
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    Twisted Pave Station Cuff
    To-do wrist. Elegant twist-metal cuff adorned by a trio of sparkling pave station accents.
  • Bead & Fringe Necklace
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    Bead & Fringe Necklace
    Matchless necklace with cleavage-dusting liquid chain fringe and lustrous hued stones. Amazing drape and movement guaranteed.
  • Crystal Filigree Necklace
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    Crystal Filigree Necklace
    Aristocratic necklace in a delicate and intricate filigree design encrusted with shimmering crystals.
  • Beaded Multi-Row Necklace
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    Beaded Multi-Row Necklace
    Upscale graduated-strand necklace of shimmering faux jet beads and luxe goldtone rondelles.
  • Crystal Lariat Necklace
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    Crystal Lariat Necklace
    Sublime lariat necklace finished with glistening geo-cut crystals and gleaming goldtone bar terminals.
  • Crystal & Feather Necklace
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    Crystal & Feather Necklace
    Earthy glam necklace featuring a fresh, unexpected pairing of glistening crystals and chic feather fringe. Goldtone swag chains and feather drops enhance the casual luxe.
  • Rosette Lariat Necklace
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    Rosette Lariat Necklace
    Ultra-feminine velour lariat necklace featuring a charming rosette detailed by a luminous faux pearl and a trio of sparkling accent crystals. Gleaming faux pearl terminals finish the look.
  • Pearlescent Bib Necklace
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    Pearlescent Bib Necklace
    Aristocratic necklace of gleaming mix-size faux pearls arranged in a lavish tiered design adorned by sparkling crystal clusters and accent stones.
  • Flower Collar Necklace
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    Flower Collar Necklace
    Exquisite collar necklace finished with a stunning mix of floral shapes in luxe silvertone and shimmering crystal pave.
  • Crystal Bangle Set
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    Crystal Bangle Set
    Extravagant bangle set featuring tiny pearlescent beads and glittering hued crystals in an array of detailed designs.
  • Crystal Collar Necklace
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    Crystal Collar Necklace
    Pristine open collar necklace finished with sparkling crystal terminals.
  • Crystal Oval Earrings
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    Crystal Oval Earrings
    Get your glitter on. Ultra-luxe earrings flaunting concentric crystal ovals that create a shimmering cutout look.
  • Lucite Statement Earrings
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    Lucite Statement Earrings
    Captivating statement earrings with multi-hued stones and drops in a shimmering, high-impact duster design.
  • Crystal Lined Triple Cuff
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    Crystal Lined Triple Cuff
    Refined cuff bracelet with a trio of shimmering crystal bangles radiating from gleaming ball terminals.
  • Allover Crystal Earrings
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    Allover Crystal Earrings
    Irresistibly luxe dangle earrings in a sleek geo shape saturated with sparkling crystal pave.
  • Feather & Crystal Earrings
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    Feather & Crystal Earrings
    Ultra-chic earrings in a unique design featuring feathers dipped in gold metallic and accented by sparkling linear crystal chains.
  • Crystal Duster Earrings
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    Crystal Duster Earrings
    High-shimmer duster earrings in a super-long crystal fringe design. Amazing, notice-me movement guaranteed.
  • Crystal Pave Oval Earrings
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    Crystal Pave Oval Earrings
    Must-have duster earrings pairing sparkling pave with iridescent aurora borealis crystals in a sleek Art Deco-inspired design.
  • Pave Link Linear Earrings
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    Pave Link Linear Earrings
    Exquisite earrings with sparkling pave link surmounts adorned by hued geo crystals in a glistening checkerboard cut.
  • Crystal Crossover Bracelet
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    Crystal Crossover Bracelet
    Sophisticated hinge bracelet in a refined crossover design accented by sparkling pave.
  • Metal Bar Earrings
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    Metal Bar Earrings
    Pristine long earrings in a lustrous goldtone and intriguing obelisk design.
  • Pave Rosette Necklace
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    Pave Rosette Necklace
    Breathtaking necklace flaunting a bouquet of mix-size rosettes encrusted with sparkling pave.
  • Crystal & Bead Bracelet
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    Crystal & Bead Bracelet
    Make the A-wrist. Stunning stretch bracelet pairing luminous pearlescent beads with shimmering crystals. Clean design looks extra luxe.
  • Crystal & Lucite Earrings
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    Crystal & Lucite Earrings
    Geo luxe. High-shimmer crystal dangle earrings in a pristine 2-D design.
  • Teardrop & Chain Earrings
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    Teardrop & Chain Earrings
    Ultra-glam earrings in a bold silhouette, featuring glistening teardrop stones suspended from citrus-hued crystal surmounts. Detailed by chain accents and sparkling graduated crystal accent stones.
  • Opalescent Stud Earrings
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    Opalescent Stud Earrings
    Exquisite stud earrings with shimmering mix-cut crystal settings framing luminous teardrop opalescent stones.
  • Crystal Faux Pearl Earrings
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    Crystal Faux Pearl Earrings
    Glam-chic stud earrings with lustrous faux pearls set in sparkling crystal swirls.
  • Logo Crystal Bangle Set
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    Logo Crystal Bangle Set
    Fabulous bracelet set featuring 6 bangles in a trio of gleaming metallic hues detailed by sparkling crystals and a debossed bebe logo. Mix and match or wear together for a multicolor stack look. bebe gift box included.
  • Logo Charm Bracelet
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    Logo Charm Bracelet
    Captivating chain bracelet accented by a playful collection of glittering crystal-embedded bebe logo charms. bebe gift box included.
  • Logo Charm Necklace
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    Logo Charm Necklace
    Ultra-sweet chainlink necklace with totally adorbs bebe logo charms dangling from a crystal pave circle. bebe gift box included.
  • Logo Hinge Bangle Set
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    Logo Hinge Bangle Set
    Ultra-glam bangle set in a lustrous goldtone finished with shimmering crystals and high-sparkle glitter. Chic bebe logos throughout, including dangling interlocking "bb" charm. bebe gift box included.
  • Crystal Cluster Earrings
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    Crystal Cluster Earrings
    Essential day-to-evening earrings with glistening center studs detailed by sparkling accent stones.
  • Logo Stud Earring Set
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    Logo Stud Earring Set
    Dazzling stud earring collection in gleaming goldtone and sparkling crystals. Designed to suit looks from sweet to chic to glam. bebe logo throughout. bebe gift box included.
  • Metal & Crystal Bangle Set
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    Metal & Crystal Bangle Set
    Boho-luxe bangle set working downtown to uptown with shimmering crystal pave and glimmering geo-textured surfaces. Wear singly, mix and match or don them all for a statement stack look and sound.
  • Wide Twisted Hoop Earrings
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    Wide Twisted Hoop Earrings
    Stunning hoop earrings ultra elegant in an oversized, gently twisted design.
  • Crystal Bracelet Set
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    Crystal Bracelet Set
    Luxurious bracelet set embracing elegance with shimmering crystal pave and artful mix-cut stones. Wear singly or amp up the glam by pairing them.
  • Crystal Hoop Earrings
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    Crystal Hoop Earrings
    Hella cool hoop earrings in a glittering crystal dot-dash motif.
  • Frosted Stone Earrings
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    Frosted Stone Earrings
    Super-gorg dangle earrings bringing the "wow" factor with luminous frosted-stone floral clusters framed by shimmering crystal baguettes. Finished with gleaming white marquise stones.
  • Crystal Mesh Cuff
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    Crystal Mesh Cuff
    Radiant crystal mesh cuff bracelet in a precision-grid design that produces stunningly luxe shimmer.
  • Pastel Statement Earrings
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    Pastel Statement Earrings
    Lavish drop earrings flaunting an exquisite arrangement of mix-cut crystals in shimmering pastel and opalescent hues.
  • Pave Flower Stud Earrings
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    Pave Flower Stud Earrings
    Irresistible flower stud earrings in a luxe step design lavished with shimmering pave.
  • Opal Stone Necklace
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    Opal Stone Necklace
    Aristocratic necklace with shimmering clusters of mix-cut opalescent and crystal stones anchored by a stunning sunburst pendant.
  • Metal Flower Bracelet
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    Metal Flower Bracelet
    Trophy bracelet in a lustrous goldtone metal and endlessly touchable 3-D floral design. Shimmering crystal accents enhance the wow factor.
  • Modern Ring Set
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    Modern Ring Set
    Sleek, architectural ring set in a gleaming goldtone featuring impeccable metalwork accented by sparkling crystals. Wear singly or mix and match for a more glamorous look.
  • Lavender Stone Earrings
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    Lavender Stone Earrings
    Breathtaking long earrings with trilliant crystal surmounts suspending lavender and heliotrope stones in tiered fans. Single teardrop stone accents.
  • Opal Stone Flower Earrings
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    Opal Stone Flower Earrings
    Opulent drop earrings striking an aristocratic tone with glittering marquise-cut crystal clusters framing luminious opal-hued stones. Articulated design guarantees luxe, eye-catching movement.
  • Sleek Metal Hinge Bracelet
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    Sleek Metal Hinge Bracelet
    Stunning hinge bracelet making a statement in a sophisticated design accented by a trio of sparkling crystals.
  • Mix Stud Earring Set
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    Mix Stud Earring Set
    Divine stud earring set to enhance your desk-to-drinks looks with rich ruby-red stones, luxe textured goldtone domes and chic crystal pave triangles.
  • Zigzag Pave Cuff
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    Zigzag Pave Cuff
    Tempting little cuff bracelet featuring a sprinkling of glittering pave in a unique and delicate zigzag design.
  • Opal Stone Earrings
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    Opal Stone Earrings
    Dazzling drop earrings featuring an intricate floral design in a range of sugary opalescent hues.
  • Textured Metal Bangle Set
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    Textured Metal Bangle Set
    Gypsy-glam bangle set in shimmering 14K gold-plated metal, featuring a chic variety of intricately textured designs. Wear them singly, mix and match or don all at once for a statement stack look.
  • Bead Fringe Hoop Earrings
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    Bead Fringe Hoop Earrings
    Lavish hoop earrings festooned with glimmering graduated beaded fringe and single strands of crystals.
  • Crystal Spike Earrings
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    Crystal Spike Earrings
    Wear and dare. Super-glam earrings full of attention-getting attitude with shimmering crystal hoops detailed by edgy spike accent stones.
  • Floral Open Collar Necklace
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    Floral Open Collar Necklace
    Gorgeous open collar necklace detailed by unique crystal pave flowers.
  • Crystal Leaf Earrings
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    Crystal Leaf Earrings
    Dark-glam earrings in a sleek linear design flaunting a line-up of shimmering marquise "petals."
  • Petal Drop Earrings
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    Petal Drop Earrings
    Sway cool. Inspired drop earrings flaunting colorful marquise "petals" finished with shimmer-enhancing pixelated surfaces. Articulated design creates fabulous movement.
  • Chandelier Drop Earrings
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    Chandelier Drop Earrings
    Exquisite chandelier earrings making an entrance with a dazzling arrangement of glistening ruby-red teardrop cabochons set in shimmering crystal pave surrounds.
  • Geometric Pave Cuff
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    Geometric Pave Cuff
    Elegant cuff bracelet featuring lustrous rose gold-plated metal detailed by shimmering pave in a sleek geo design.
  • Metal Disc & Coin Earrings
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    Metal Disc & Coin Earrings
    Radiant supersized earrings featuring goldtone metal discs detailed with shimmering crystals and adorned by a trio of smaller discs. Guaranteed to grab attention.
  • Crystal Duster Earrings
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    Crystal Duster Earrings
    Ultra-luxe crystal duster earrings in a shimmering linear droplet design finished with a single glistening teardrop stone.
  • Fringe & Chain Body Vest
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    Fringe & Chain Body Vest
    Totally unique vest detailed by super-long fringe and glimmering tonal chains. Fabulous liquid movement. Front lobster clasp closures.
  • Square Stone Bracelet
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    Square Stone Bracelet
    Stunning stretch bracelet in a bold crenellated design, very geo glam with glistening oblong and square-cut stones framed by sparkling accent crystals.
  • Fringe & Stone Earrings
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    Fringe & Stone Earrings
    Extravagant earrings in a girandole design featuring shimmering oval crystals adorned by graduated stones and fringe ending in crystal droplets.
  • Thin Cuff Bracelet Set
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    Thin Cuff Bracelet Set
    Liven up your look. Refined bracelet set with a trio of slim bangle cuffs accented by marquise crystals, a faux pearl and crystal pave. Wear singly, mix and match or don all at once for a statement stack look.
  • Chain & Crystal Bracelet
    More info
    Chain & Crystal Bracelet
    Ultra-luxe bracelet set offered in a lustrous mix of designs, from gleaming goldtone chains to glistening crystals. Endless mix-and-match possibilities.
  • Colorful Stackable Ring Set
    More info
    Colorful Stackable Ring Set
    Shimmering crystal and goldtone ring set flaunting richly hued crystals set in slim, delicate bands. Wear rings one at a time, mix and match or slip all on for a multi-hued, high-sparkle statement stack look.
  • Logo Charm Bracelet
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    Logo Charm Bracelet
    To be treasured. Pretty little bracelet with a ribbon-threaded chain accented by whimsical charms including a crystal pave key and lock, goldtone and enameled hearts and chain-fringe tassel. bebe logo throughout.
  • Front to Back Bar Earrings
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    Front to Back Bar Earrings
    Unique front-to-back earrings with shimmering blue crystals in understated baguette cuts accented by linear and lustrous metal backs.
  • Deco Metal Earrings
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    Deco Metal Earrings
    Haute dangle earrings pairing a glimmering faux onyx with exquisite crystal pave set in a semi-starbust design. Single jump ring encourages playful movement.
  • Front to Back Geo Earrings
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    Front to Back Geo Earrings
    Sophisticated front-to-back earrings featuring a fascinating geo-decorative design in a brushed 12K gold-plated metal.
  • Chain Tassel Earrings
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    Chain Tassel Earrings
    Boho-chic 12K gold-plated chain tassel earrings accented by sparkling crystal pave ruffs and tiny bead terminals. Cord design ensures unending, eye-catching movement.
  • Crystal & Cord Bracelet Set
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    Crystal & Cord Bracelet Set
    Gypsy-luxe bracelet set fabulous from exquisite metalwork to glittering crystals to exotic tassel finish. Wear one at a time or all at once for a definitive statement stack look.
  • Lacy Drop Earrings
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    Lacy Drop Earrings
    Radiant statement earrings with shimmering teardrop stones framed by geo filigree that creates a lacy, light-as-air look.
  • Geometric Hoop Earrings
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    Geometric Hoop Earrings
    Elegant geo-hoop earrings with delicately balanced shapes rendered in a lustrous 12K gold-plated metal.
  • Frosted Crystal Earring Set
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    Frosted Crystal Earring Set
    Luxe and dreamy earring set featuring emerald-cut crystal studs in a trio of sugary opalescent hues.
  • Multi-Circle Earrings
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    Multi-Circle Earrings
    Playful and luxe 14K gold-plated dangle earrings featuring multiple interlocking hoops that create amazing movement.
  • Linear Crystal Earrings
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    Linear Crystal Earrings
    Radiant dangle earrings with a stacked linear design, featuring glistening mix-cut ruby-red stones set in artfully intricate 12K gold-plated frames.
  • Tassel Fringe Necklace
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    Tassel Fringe Necklace
    Dazzling necklace of shimmering mix-cut and multi-hued crystal clusters accented by lavish tassel fringe.
  • Snake Chain Lariat Necklace
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    Snake Chain Lariat Necklace
    Plus one. Luxe burnished snake chain lariat necklace finished with a single shimmering crystal teardrop.
  • Black & Gold Bead Necklace
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    Black & Gold Bead Necklace
    Lavish necklace in a trending long length. Drapes you in gleaming strands of faceted faux jet, glistening crystal globes and delicate goldtone filigree beads.
  • Bead & Snake Chain Necklace
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    Bead & Snake Chain Necklace
    Stunning statement necklace featuring a goldtone collar festooned with chain fringe and glimmering beads that create a provocative, cleavage-nestling drape.
  • Velvet & Crystal Necklace
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    Velvet & Crystal Necklace
    Sumptuous necklace featuring unique velvet links suspending stylized leaves embellished with gleaming black cabochons and sparkling mix-cut crystals.
  • Crossover Hoop Earrings
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    Crossover Hoop Earrings
    Ultra-chic hoop earrings elevated by a double design pairing smooth and textured surfaces.
  • Large Crystal Bib Necklace
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    Large Crystal Bib Necklace
    Sumptuous bib necklace channeling aristocratic elegance. Intricate design detailed by oversized black crystals in an exquisite array of cuts framed by sparkling accent stones.
  • Crystal Stud Earring Set
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    Crystal Stud Earring Set
    Sophisticated stud earring set in a mix of hues and forms. Shimmer and shine, day or night.
  • Ornate Crystal Bib Necklace
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    Ornate Crystal Bib Necklace
    Jaw-dropping bib necklace featuring ruby-red oval crystals set in filigree frames dotted by shimmering accent stones.
  • Fancy Starburst Earrings
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    Fancy Starburst Earrings
    Stunning dangle earrings in an exotic onion-dome design. Delicate scroll and starburst filigree accented by sparkling crystals and luminous center teardrop stone.
  • Geometric Collar Necklace
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    Geometric Collar Necklace
    Pristine collar necklace in lustrous 12K gold-plated metal with a clean, softly angled design.
  • Metal Lace Earrings
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    Metal Lace Earrings
    Breathtaking dangle earrings in an intricate design of lustrous goldtone wire-wrapped filigree detailed by bead accents.
  • Crystal & Faux Pearl Cuff
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    Crystal & Faux Pearl Cuff
    Luxurious hinge cuff bracelet encrusted with lustrous mix-size faux pearls and sparkling crystals.
  • Art Deco Circle Earrings
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    Art Deco Circle Earrings
    Mesmerizing drop earrings flaunting a line-up of shimmering iridescent cabochons set in sparkling crystal pave surrounds. Articulated design for fabulous movement.
  • Tribal Resin Bangle Set
    More info
    Tribal Resin Bangle Set
    Coveted resin bangle set channeling Old World extravagance from intricate metalwork to glittering crystals. Mixed widths create a stackable statement look.
  • Crystal Twist Hoop Earrings
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    Crystal Twist Hoop Earrings
    Exquisite earrings in a stunning twisted hoop design encrusted with glittering crystals.
  • Filigree & Stone Necklace
    More info
    Filigree & Stone Necklace
    Exquisite bib necklace flaunting intricate filigree and brushed-metal drops embedded with richly hued stones and sparkling crystals.
  • Chain Fringe Hoop Earrings
    More info
    Chain Fringe Hoop Earrings
    Ultra-luxe 14K gold-plated earrings in a chic weighted hoop design festooned with shimmering chain fringe. Attention-getting movement guaranteed.
  • Geo Stud Earring Set
    More info
    Geo Stud Earring Set
    High-sparkle crystal earring set to cover you from business dressy to downtown chic to nighttime glam.
  • Layered Coin Earrings
    More info
    Layered Coin Earrings
    Luxurious 12K gold-plated coin earrings in a sumptuous layered design. Incredible, eye-catching movement guaranteed.
  • Linear Crystal Earrings
    More info
    Linear Crystal Earrings
    Incomparable earrings detailed by a refined line-up of tiny glittering crystals. A single, eye-catching hued drop finishes the look.
  • Bar & Coin Clasp Bracelet
    More info
    Bar & Coin Clasp Bracelet
    Gypsy-chic bracelet with shimmering crystals and multiple coin charms. Fabulous, playful movement guaranteed.
  • Oversized Crystal Bracelet
    More info
    Oversized Crystal Bracelet
    Glam-icious bracelet with a super-sized center crystal flanked by glistening ovals and sparkling accent stones.