I was already doing a set in black and white when I was tagged by @ajkc to do a challenge. So I finished my set and added the song...the lyrics were already in my set and fall under something I have been waiting to use. The odd thing was when trying to add the Beatles music to the set I found I could not bring this song up by the Beatles but it was in polyvore music selection by Beatles cover bands. Then I thought hmmm I believe Michael Jackson somehow owns some part of the rights to the Beatles music. This may be why we are not seeing them on the music site but only seeing the songs performed by the cover band. I did listen and this particular band does sound like the Beatles so I used their rendition. 

I saw an interpretation on line as to the meaning of this song and I thought I would share it since I liked it quite well.

"This song is not about Yoko it's about you and me.
"Love is all, love is new" 
"Love is all, love is you" 
It's sad that the Beatles tried so hard to make people understand what the world needed and all people see is the meaningless "Paul is dead" and "I am the Walrus" nonsense.
Their message was "please don't be long", "come together", "we can change the world" ,"all you need is love".
So here is the challenge:

For the black and white challenge, I was tagged by @ajkc . Thank you all for including me in this challenge! The rules are:
- The set must be in black & white
- Include a song you always listen to
- Include an item you have been waiting to use
- Tag me so I can see your new set and then 6 of your lovely polyfriends
I am tagging my friends @groovyhippychick @becksd78 and they were also tagged when I was so they will only have to make one set and tag both of us. I also tag @gailwind @barbarela11 @emlibertelli @kittyfantastica I also hope you do not mind me tagging you. And I want to thank @barbarela11 for the great pictures I got off of her blog for this set.

Also, If you do not know how to add music, it is easy just go to the headphone section under all items it is where the set colors and backgrounds are and then click on that and it will bring up an area where you can type in a name of a song or an artist. Once you find the song you want they you can add it to set. It will bring a little icon of the album...you can make it large or small and put it wherever you want in the set. Hugs and Love and Happy Thursday!

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