* * * * * * - "The John Wayne" by Little Green Cars. Because dear lord I love this song so much. And it's got the perfect vibe for Gabe, haha, like kinda old-school and just quirky but in a good way. :)

* * * * * *


Name: Gabriel “Gabe” Winston

Age: 17

House: Atherton

The Clique member? Not really. Sometimes he gets lumped together with them incorrectly by faculty, but technically not a part of the inner group. Yet.

Skills: Photographic memory if he focuses and is a bit of a fact-hoarding nerd. Loves old, weird (and dead) writers. Also likes to write and paint. He won a couple art awards and a short story competition when he was in primary school for a story about a boy who had secret wings (yeah, he’s a bit of a pansy, but that’s kinda adorable, haha)

Weaknesses: Not very strong (but he is swift and can hold his own in fights, he's a bit like a lightweight boxer), can be a bit pompous and quick to judge, still has a bit of a chip on his shoulder from early-school bullying, can be a bit too highbrow sometimes, and occasionally falsely assumes other people are more interested in him than they are (he’s pretty much an old, slightly crazy, professor in a young student’s body, haha)

Personality: He always seems cold at first, but he just likes to analyse everything before he gets involved with it. Once he warms up to a person, though, he’s a completely loyal companion; he’ll defend his friends until the end. He likes parties as long as they’re not too out-of-control and he’s pretty social in situations like that. He just doesn’t always understand that people don’t really care at all about what year Jonas Salk or Albert Sabin developed their polio vaccines, even though he does.

He’s got a couple friends he hangs out with, but mostly prefers to spend time by himself. He thinks better that way.

Likes: Sunlight, neatness, old music, old movies, Audrey Hepburn (he thinks she’s gorgeous), John Wayne (he’s a bit of a spaghetti western guy, haha), tea with lemon, coffee with sugar, apples, old movies, reading, The Catcher in the Rye, Perks of Being a Wallflower, helping people, learning, challenges, puzzles, history, writing, painting, impressionist art, dressing well

Dislikes: The word "moist," blood, getting bad marks on his schoolwork, being bullied or picked on, being put down, being told not to do something, losing, when his dad gets mad at his sister (which is more often than any of the three would like), messes, uninteresting people

Bio: Gabe was born to a slightly stuffy professor of history and a stay-at-home mother whose main hobbies included flower pressing, baking, watercolors, and teaching her son how to love. She died of a respiratory problem when he was about five and his sister, Gemma, was two. Her love and commitment to her family inspired him to write, though, when he finally took out a pen and a notebook on the anniversary of her death five years after. 

He won a couple awards for his short stories later on in his school career and a couple more for his art, but mostly he likes to spend his time collecting random information and learning about the world. He likes hiking and spends a lot of time outside, painting or writing or reading. He also loves old movies and music and is obsessed with the sort of troubled writer from the 1920s style, so he smokes on occasion and drinks more coffee and tea than can be good for him. 

He’s kinda soft in that he understands the delicates things in life and doesn’t have much physical strength. But he can hold his liquor like Hemmingway and can sock a guy like him too, if he needs to.

He used to be best friends with Gen ( when they were younger, but now they’ve drifted apart. He misses just wandering the town with her, her daring him to do something that he’d hate at first but then end up loving. She was the only person to get him out of his shell back then and he misses her fearlessness. But he’s gotten along fine without her since.

He’s a quiet soul that just sorta creeps along, collecting little bits of life here and there. He’s in no hurry to get anywhere anytime soon. He just waits for it all to come to him.

Biggest secret: He used to be best friends with a girl in Blackmore but now differences have driven them apart and he’s not sure if they’ve parted ways forever now. And a part of him wishes they have, while a part of him still holds onto the hope they haven’t. He’s torn in the middle.

Family: Mother died when he young and he doesn’t remember much of her. His dad is a professor at a prestigious college, but he’s even colder than Gabe is so they’re on civil terms, but not too close. He has one sister that he gets along all right with. She’s a bit of a party animal, though, so he usually ends up covering up a lot for her late nights and f-ups.

Model: Callan Mcauliffe.
(I was gonna use Freddie Highmore but ended up seeing if Callan would work for this one too. And dang, that boy looks FIIIIINE in a collar, haha. And when I put him next to the young John Wayne photo, it was like a perfect match. So that sealed the deal.)


Taken by: @emericcson123

* * * * * *

It was so hard trying to find things that weren't too girly for him, haha. And even still, some of these are pushing it. I guess he's just like that. xD

I got some cool, old books today, since I collect instructional books and plays printed before 1920. I went to the library, I found two old books on the 50 cent used-books table that I bought. One is from 1896 and it's "7000 Words Often Mispronounced" and it just looks gorgeous, all decorated on the front and really well-bound. I also got a copy of some of Sophocles's plays from 1893 that came from a book company that printed a list of their issues to order in the front and back inside covers, which is really, really cool. Haha, I'm getting so nerdy over old books now. Maybe I'm more like Gabe than I thought... xD

Well. Anyway. I better go start dinner. I'm done now. Hope this one's alright too, @her-heart-attack :D

P.S. I mah lahwd. Just watched the new "Carrie" trailer. It...looks...AWESOME. Damn, Chloe, haha. I'm thinking of changing my model for Gen now. Daaaaaaaaamn.
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