✞ Elisabeth Dubois ✞ 
> Where: Paris, France
> When: December 1832
> Makeup / Hair : Her Loose Natural Curls 
> Wearing: Worn in Dress.
> Soundtrack : Blessed With a Curse || Bring Me The Horizon
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> It was past midnight on an unknown date in December as Elisabeth curled up in an empty alleyway to at least save herself from the cold snow falling outside on her. The petite 18 year old girl sat there curled up in the now thin wool of her skirt and the thin white shirt she wore which was stained with all sorts of different things (from blood to dirt). It was her first night on the streets alone. Of course she had spent many nights on the street before, but this was her first one completely on her own. Usually the petite 18 year old girl had the company of her young mother but yesterday things had gone horribly wrong. Of course her mother had never had the safest job. There really was nothing safe about doing prostitution for a living as Elisabeth's mother had been doing for the past five years ever since Elisabeth's father had walked out on them for a younger and more beautiful women who just happened to come from better money as well. But although the job was not safe for her mother it had provided at least some safety, usually they would manage to get enough money to rent a room in the rent and at one point they had even had a little apartment of their own. But times were changing and times were certainly more difficult than ever with the revolution, the feeling of not being safe on the streets of her own city, the shortage of jobs and of food. Now Elisabeth would have to find a way to make a living so she could eat and hopefully find a place to stay. She just prayed she wouldn't have to turn to what her mother had to in order to fill their bellies and find them a place to rest their heads. As Elisabeth continued to remain in the alleyway curled up and with her head on the shawl she had balled up under her head she could hear the distant sound of shots being fired. Perhaps taking more lives, filling the already dirty streets of Paris with the blood of innocent men.
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