Everyone is doing this so of course I had to, didn't want to be left out xD

Color: obviously mint green, my favorite color <3 I also love purple, but mint green is just me. It stands out but isn't too flashy, like me :)

Animal: Pig. Because they're way adorable and I collect pig stuff. So I kinda just love them. 

Shoes: Leopard print flats. Because I wear flats nearly every single day and leopard ones are FAB and like I don't like to be too wild in my clothing choices but leopard print shoes is just the right amount!

Singer: Sara Bareilles. Because she's amazingggg and even though I'm nowhere near her level, I think my own singing voice is like her same type/genre/whatever you want to call it. Also she's gorgeous and funny.

Character from a book: BELLY FROM THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY SERIES <3 haha you all witnessed my fangirling in a previous set of this series so of course I'd be Belly (Mikel Ennis is one the front cover and is my pick for Belly in a dream cast). Belly's character reminds me of myself at times, and I just love her character.

Character from a movie: Massie Block from The Clique movie. I realize it was a book first that I OBVIOUSLY OBSESSED OVER but I wanted to do Belly for book character so here we go, Elizabeth McLaughlin as Massie Block for movie character. If you guys don't already know, I all but worshipped Massie in my middle school years and so I'd be her in a movie for sure. Though I'd never be as mean as her haha.

Song: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face. Because it's Coldplay (my favorite) and this song's just awesome and perfect. Actually I'd be pretty much any Coldplay song probably.

Dress: I'm pretty sure I need that dress in my closet stat. It's MY COLOR MAN!! And it's just too pretty. I would love to be that dress. That sounded weird...

Flower: Chrysanthemum. Because they're fun to say :) and they're pretty lovely looking. 

There you go, randomness of the day. I might publish an actual set later maybe. I'm having a good day. Pretty sure I just aced my Calc final, which could bring my final grade an A hopefully! I'd like to have all As for my last semester of high school :)) Can't believe I graduate on Saturday!!
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