This made Top Art & Expression Sets for Oct 7th, 2012. 
I can't even imagine how, but thank you so much.
It really means a lot. 
I have decided that if I ever get married it is going to be in January.
And the song I walk down the aisle to will be January Wedding by the Avett Brothers. 
It will be small and sweet in a tiny white church.
My dress will be cheap and vintage.
Simple hair and make up and jewelry. 
I'll wear flats. 
The wedding party, if there is one will be small. 
Bridesmaids will wear chiffon dresses. 
Our first dance will be to Smother Me by the Used, and then I Go to the Barn by Band of Horses. 
Simple reception. 
No honeymoon. 
Just a short weekend trip somewhere fun. 
Small. Simple. Lovely.

I don't even know if I'm ever getting married.
But if I do, I imagine it something like that.
It's way too soon and there's so many things that could go wrong.
But I could maybe see him at the end waiting for me.
I would be happy. 
She says I have to go to college because I'll get bored and regret it.
She's probably right.
Most of me thinks she's wrong. 
I've changed and she doesn't even know. 
I could be happy just like this.
Simple job and a small apartment.
And him and a few friends and my family.
That's all I need.
How am I supposed to leave all this?
I want simple. 
Leaving isn't simple..

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