Lydia Elinor von Vice
DOB: Feb. 21st, 1647
Age: 16/356

I admit it. I like the idea of Twilight. Minus the horrible writing and weird-ass films.

Also, since I've been in England RPatz has kind of lost his appeal ... (has second thoughts) or maybe it makes him more likeable, because now he seems "normal".

At any rate. This is for Lydia, a character I created for a Twilight FF (Stolen) because I love characters with powers. I also wanted her to interact with Jasper.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She was engaged to Carlisle, before they were both turned into vampires during the raid he led in 1640. They were separated and always seemed to miss each other. The Volturi found her first, and she, like Carlisle, disapproved of their bloodthirsty ways and looked to America for new opportunities. 

She met up with Jasper Whitlock, whose life she saved as a nurse in the Civil War. Later, using his emotion manipulating powers, he convinced her to join in his army with Maria. When she finally realized what was going on she abandoned them. Lydia, again like Carlisle, refused to hunt humans and despised violence. Jasper eventually follows her lead and finds Alice.

She found the Denali clan as well, and stayed with them after fleeing from Texas. 

Eventually Lydia made her way back to England where she met the son of a Lord, Max Lawry. They met at an audition for a ballet and became the leads. Through their rehearsals, a romance ensued, but Lydia doesn't trust herself to get close to anyone. After a few months she can't stand to be with him, even though she's never felt this way about anyone before. She left for the States, and planned on never looking back.

Ultimately heartbroken, she heads for Forks, WA. She meets up with Carlisle, after faking injury from being hit by a bus. He knows something's up based on her lack of blood and bodily injuries, and hopes this vampire is a good one. He basically freaks out when he sees her. This accident also happens on the same day as Bella Swan's. 

Lydia was planning on joining the hospital as a nurse, but Carlisle insists she go to school, like his own children. She puts up a fight, but eventually agrees. She's sixteen and might as well see what high school is really like. 

At the Cullen's home she and Jasper meet. Edward, being the creeper he is, reads their minds and their story comes out, halfway explained. Edward, however knows the truth, but keeps quiet. He has his own problems to deal with. Lydia doesn't like that he can read her mind, but finds him attractive just the same. She understands about Bella, though, and definitely won't make a move. They will kiss eventually and end up becoming quite close. They like to race each other.

Lydia is very fast and agile. She practices ballet, yoga, pilates. She's had a lot of time on her hands, and even though she's practically perfect in every way, she still feels the need to take care of herself.

When the Cullens decide to leave after Bella's birthday debacle, she returns to England with Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper. She and Carlisle work at the hospital, and are eventually invited to a high class party. At this party she is reunited with Max after he dances around the room with her (it's not a party where dancing was supposed to happen, but there happens to be an orchestra present). While they dance, Max is shot, being mistaken for his father. 

Lydia of course freaks out. She, Carlisle and Jasper help everyone calm down and eventually get him into a limo. Lydia has to make the choice whether to save him, or let him die.

3 guesses what happens next.
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