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Really digging this set! Again, I'm not trying to copy anyone's layout, I think I've just seen so many lovely layouts lately that I morph them all into my own? Anyway, if this looks a lot like yours let me know and I'll give you credit :)

Here's a little bit about the movie I helped make this past weekend! 

So for the Film & Video Club at my university that I'm apart of, which I have mentioned before, we decided we were going to enter this Sundance contest where you have to make a short film that centers on poverty and then has some sort of innovation that helps the characters get out of that poverty. I am not going to give our plot away, just in case that's like against the rules or something(?), but we headed down to film in a really rural place of my state about 2 and a half hours away so we had a little road trip! 

There were 10 of us including our professor/advisor and his wife (who are so adorable together). We left Friday morning and got down there around 1ish where we ate lunch at Chili's of all places haha but it was good. The entire trip was paid for so that was nice.

After lunch we went to Wal-Mart (this town only had one Wal-Mart and NO TARGETS if that tells you anything) and got some supplies for our little actress and some other props we hadn't already bought. Afterwards we headed to the hotel, which our advisor had told us was a casino & resort. Turns out it was the resort, only the place we were staying was just a little 2-story hotel *connected* to the resort. I mean it was nice and at least we got to share the insane pool area but we were like "we were promised 4 stars" haha. But we were grateful anyway because we didn't have to pay for it and it was a nice place to stay!

We got all checked in and then headed to the site, which was about 5 minutes away over this super sketch 1-way bridge and into some back dirt roads. Turns out it was our advisor's wife's mom's ranch and IT WAS SO COOL. Now, I'm a city girl so I've never really been out in rural areas like this all the time, so it was just so insane. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL OUT THERE and the main thing we filmed in was the totally old little cabin that had been there since I think the land was claimed. It was a one-bedroom little cabin and it was just perfect. (I will post pictures on my sunset-calvary blog probably this week and there are also pics on Instagram if you follow me on Instagram).

So we got to work getting everything ready that we needed and put gallons of sunscreen and bug spray on. It was really hot but we had one of those tent things and lots of water. My best friend and I got put on sound so once we started filming, she worked the boom mic (that long stick with the fuzzy thing on the end that you've probably seen in behind-the-scences videos) and I had the device that you adjusted the sound on and I had the headphones. We looked pretty legit, I must say :)

Our actress and about 25ish extras came around 7pm where we had a catered dinner of fried chicken, okra, fries, rolls, and homemade pickled beets from the garden that was also apart of our set. It was yummy but then it started POURING right when we were about to start filming. We waited for about I'd say 45 minutes before it stopped and then, I kid you not, we saw A DOUBLE RAINBOW. It was a sign! Because after that, we had the most gorgeous sunset in the background that we got on film once we started filming. (We used a Canon 5D btw with 2 different lenses, I'm not sure what sizes they were.) But we got some really pretty shots and were done for the day by 8:30ish, which was good because the pool was only open until 10. We all got back to the hotel and went straight to the pool. We got into the hot tub and that was when my second very strange and memorable drunken encounter happened...

So all 8 of us were just chilling in the hot tub when this girl came swimming up, climbed into the hot tub, and introduced herself to all of us, shaking our hands. We could tell she was very drunk (and had a can in her hand) but it only got worse. Let me put this into perspective for you: she looked and acted like Heidi Montag, no lie. So we all tried to be nice BUT SHE KEPT TALKING AND WOULDN'T LEAVE US ALONE and like, okay, most everyone in the group except one of us is really quiet and shy normally so that made it more awkward when she kept asking us stuff like why were we so quiet and then her boyfriend came over (also drunk, though not as drunk as her) and she told him that we were sweet and she was going to try to open us up. Then her and him kept getting closer to us because they couldn't keep steady. 

Then she proceeded to tell us she was there with her best friend (whom she briefly introduced with really red eyes). See, she told us that she probably shouldn't tell us, but her best friend just went through a divorce so they took her to this resort for a getaway. She would not stop!! We were all like "are we on TV, is this Punk'd like what the heck is going on right now." We also found out, not because we asked of course, that she was 26, had struggled with bulimia, was not an alcoholic (um yeah right), her grandma raised her since she was 12, didn't try drugs until she went to Colorado where it was legal and then she only tried pot, but let me tell you, it had to be something stronger than that because she said she thought her friend was falling off a ski lift they were on and she "held onto her for hours so she wouldn't fall off" and they had to stop the entire ski lift for like an hour or something. She was majorly tripping, oh my gosh. I seriously could not keep from laughing during this whole conversation. We all slowly left as best we could, all of us very awkwardly and then she was mad that we left her but then the pool closed and oh my gosh THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T GET WASTED KIDS. DON'T DO IT. 

So after that debacle, 3 of us went to this little carnival that was next door in a parking lot. It was around 11 and it was such a cool little legit carnival! I had never been to one before. My best friend made me ride this insane swirly ride and then we rode the carousel and we tried to ride the ride that's at the end of Grease but you needed closed-toe shoes :// still, it was fun and after that we went back to our hotel rooms and me and my bestie fell asleep watching Juno on TV.

Call time for Saturday was 6am so we all met in the lobby around 5:55 where we then went back out to the site. It was a long day of filming and waiting around for our adorable little actress who had a softball tournament so couldn't be there the entire time. But, we went to Dairy Queen and the Wal-Mart again and did other things at the ranch while we waited, and we got her back around 4ish to finish up. We all had pizza for dinner and then we finished filming around 7:20ish, a little before it started to rain again. THERE WAS ANOTHER RAINBOW after we finished filming, which I think is a really good sign! 

This experience is one of the best learning experiences I've ever had. We all learned to work together and shoot a movie in just 2 days. We got to see some of the raw footage on Saturday and it looked amazing. It was so much fun working on a real movie set and I can't wait to do it again! It was a really cool weekend and I was so tired when we got home, but it was worth it. I even found out I actually like a post-hardcore band that my friend played on the way back in her car, Sleeping with Sirens. So yeah. 

We left there around 8 and got home around 10:30ish. IT WAS SUCH AN ADVENTURE!! I'll keep you all updated about how our editing goes and such. I don't know when they announce the winners of the contest (it's due by July 1st) but, it would be really cool if we won :) Even if we don't, it was a great experience <3

That's my little movie bloggy! I condensed it of course but I had to get at least the drunken encounter in there haha oh man. 

I start working at the bank again tomorrow so I'll be on whenever, have a great week guys and look out for my TFIOS fangirl bloggy/review sometime this weekend as I'm seeing it Thursday night agh!!!

Much love! <33 xx

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