This is how I felt on Tuesday when I tried to save our basement from flooding again.....torrential downpour and window well filling with water.

I couldn't reach my husband to come home and help me empty out the flooding window well, which is where the water enters down into my sewing room for, what...the 5th time?

Instead of a magician's hat, I was wearing a plastic Safeway bag over my no avail, really. I got soaked to the core and my hair was a bedraggled mess (much like this kitty) 

I had a mini-breakdown when my husband finally got home 3 hours later. He took over the clean-up and I was grateful that we had some tequilla in the cupboard (I don't really drink but I had one that night)

It's a new day and just one of those pesky things you have to deal with in life, right?
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Wrote three years ago
From my heart to yours! So sorry :(
Yes in here is an outlet of so much :)

Wrote three years ago
Sooo sorry to hear darlin'!!! xx

Wrote three years ago
Oh Carol that sounds dreadful! Sounds like you dealt with things like a trooper!
We once had a crazy scene when my husband was hooking up the sink in the laundry room. We had just moved in and didn't know there were 4 shut-off water valves. I heard him yelling and rushed in to see water was spurting through a recently cut water pipe! I rushed into action and finally was able to stop the fountain by sticking my finger into the pipe while he found the shut off valve. Luckily the floors are slate in that part of the house. We were soaked, it was summer and I found myself laughing like a fool (he didn't see the humor!) I said to him it was good practice for a natural disaster!!
Hope all is dry and sunny. I feel do bad for the people displaced in Calgary and other flood plain areas.

Wrote three years ago
Wow sorry to hear about your flood! The world's weather is going nuts! Hope the sun comes out and dries you all out up there!



Romantic Gypsy

Romantic Gypsy

This is a very special group for those romantic gypsies who wish to share their love of old, romantic, beauty.....vintage & antique clothing, architecture..... accessories, cats, roses, Paris and beautiful women, princesses and fairies....let your imagination go wild. And don't be afraid to do dark sets....even Gothic stuff can be romantic!
For the purpose of this group, a Romantic Gypsy is a multi-faceted, compassionate, loving modern woman of substance who dares to be true to herself. She loves deeply, whether it be her man, her children, her pets...or her friends. She loves fashion and dresses in her own unique style...not necessarily like the "gypsy" women of folklore...think more Stevie Nicks or Sarah Jessica Parker...each an individual, precious jewel.
There WILL be contests...not a ton of them but enough to keep things interesting.

Cats and you

Cats and you

This group is for cat lovers. Any set is welcome, interior, fashion, funny, vintage, landscape, portrait, etc AS FAR AS THERE IS a "visible" cat into it :)
Please make sure there's NO FUR (real, faux or printed) in your set. The only fur allowed in this group must be alive.
Non observance of these simple rules will lead to the rejection of the set and the member will be removed, with no notice.
Thank you, and have fun!
|==About contests==>



A group specifically designed for those who seek a quiet, peaceful creative place for their creativity along gothic, darkly romantic themes including cats.
Art, fashion, architecture....Gothic, Medieval, Fantasy...heavy on the darker colours of romance but lighter sets are fine too. Where Victorian meets Gothic in a beautifully Steampunk, witchy-poo way....and what good witch doesn't have a cat or two as her companions?
Think of the movie "Practical Magic"...the edginess of Stevie Nicks, Evanescence and Cher....the fantasy of vampires but in a more fashion-oriented state of mind. Clothing & architecture will play a big part of this group and it will most likely be for the select few who have this kind of dark aesthetic, but all are welcome with love & friendship and especially love of cats.
This will separate the darker sets from my other group "Romantic Gypsy" which is more about lightness and flowers.

The Creative Edge Collective

The Creative Edge Collective

This is a Collective for Creative Minds and Free Souls.
Fashion is just a brush of ART.
ART sets are the primary focus.
Create NEW things with found, borrowed and inspired mediums.
Lets be a MUSE for each other!
Once we are rolling with enough members the competitions will start inspiring on a regular basis.
(Please no girly girly cookie cutter fashion sets)
Be you, original and hang out on the edge!
Live Lightly!

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