[ august 20th , 2k14 ]

what a life....
damn, how fast it can be snatched from you.
how important the small things are and how insignificant the big things are, when you put it all into perspective. 
people change all the time, but for real, is it really all bad? is it all good?

my bad, i was just thinking. 

i don't really know what happened to my old tags, all my old homies on here since i dipped around november... fell in love irl and my ipod got stolen.
[ who has it now, i wonder? ]

hmm. i remember all these

@xo-babydoll-quality-anon still my daughter .
@cupcaakes-x0 baeee
@g-0-l-d-e-n-d-r-3-a-m whatever we are
@radkidzx3oo5 i remember you still.
@r-ayan nemo.
i almost forgot @eun

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