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Questions and answers:

1. Who is your best friend of the Polyvore? 
huh? i dont thing i have specific best friend on Polyvore. i feel all my friends in here was my best friend, who those inspired me on making set ^^♥
2. Which k-drama I would like to participate? 
participate in new SBS drama which Seungri and Goo Hyesun noona was selected.. can i act being Seungri gf? hehe~~

3. Isced 3 countries that I would like to meet?
eh?! international standard classification edu? haha -____-; nan molla for this question, mian~~
4. That place you would like to know your future oppa?
Itaewon, Gyeonggido, there are in Seoul city.. But, it came obsess me for going there ^^
5. You have how many albums of K-pop?
over 7 online album i've in my computer, but in physic album, i've one and it's Big Bang Alive Limited Edition 

6. What is the first thing you want to do, when you arrive in korea?
taking picture on Incheon Airport then upload on instagram (?) *selcas addict content* hahaha.. 
7. Who do you like to spend the whole day?
if i can, i chose Nam Taehyun for whole day.. i can huge him in his long arm and his body as my pillow kekeke~~ *imagining is mode on*
8. With whom you would like to share an lift stopped?
Do Minjoon ssi? Hahaha... No, i will shared it for Daesung only..
9. Whom you would like to be on a desert island? And why?
Why you ask me with this q's? Obviously i cant answer this huhuhu.. Desert island? Delusional in very high level.. TOP of Big Bang will open his shirt and i can see his abs, his pelvic bone.. Oh nooo~~

10. What song you listen to every day?
2NE1 new album and Taehyun's song - Tonight

11. What you don't live without?
My doggie doll, my wallet, my smartphone, my laptop and internet connection. Ahh, plus ice cream all variant ♥‿♥

sorry, if my answer took so long -___-

1. what would you do if there are in the room--?
2. What's your favorite food at the break was being bored?
3. your recently album on k-pop or non-kpop?
4. you choose, Hyorin or Demi Lovato in Frozen soundtrack?
5. what will you do if you found out that your bias played instrument for you?
6. if you travelling, where will you flight for the first time?
7. favorite and recently song that you've heard?
8. GD with Beer or Yonghwa with Tequila? 
9. Your perfect bias in girlgroup?
10. are you tired with me?
11. in your opinion, which "vampire" girl in kpop?

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