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So my school starts on August 25th, and a lot of you loved my school diaries from last year (no worries, I'll do them for this year also!! YAY!) and I couldn't wait to do a diary so...

here's my experience 2 weeks before school starts.

Part 2 will come out next Monday! This diary will be a little bit short (I think...idk) because it didn't happen all week. It just happened today :)

So I had to wake up so early just to get to the school. The reason why we had to go to my school was that last Friday (August 8th), my dad was suppose to fill out a back to school form. I think it's to update your information, etc. and my dad had no clue where to fill out the form (it was online. we knew the website, but we didn't know where to fill it out. it was on the same website as where I check my grades, and stuff like that. The thing was, the website had a makeover so the website was so difficult to navigate. -_-) so my dad decided to take me to the school and ask them.

So I went there around 10:00 am ish...idk. The thing was, there was a whole ton of cars in the parking lot. It's on a tuesday...so I was thinking "How on earth is there like a billion cars in here on a Tuesday?" so we walked up to the door and there was a sign. It was something about "The Day at the Dog Pound"

Basically, the day at the dog pound is where the future students that will be here next year will get a little tour of the school, get to know the rules, etc.

So we walked inside the office and there was the principal and we talked. Instead of logging into my account to find the forms, the forms was at my dad's login account. My dad forgot his password lol so we had this super nice lady to help us so we went inside her little office room type thing (my brain pretty much exploded lol. IDK WHAT TO CALL IT).

She's the person who does the schedules...I think. 

So after all that happened, we exited her office room type thing (oh my gosh lol) she gave us a piece of paper that shows you all that and then there was a whole bunch of new students in the office and I'm like "UHHH...." it's weird since I don't know them and they're probably looking at me.

So once all that was done, I exited out to the school as fast as I can LOL.

So that is pretty much it! Next week I have to visit the school again for something else so stay tuned next monday the 18th!

-Katrina #katrinawuvsyou 
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