UPDATE: 8/20/14: I fixed the typos of the story. Aha sorry I had to do that! I typed the story at night and I was soo tired.
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So today I went shopping for clothes. Kind of stressed out :(

Anyways around 6 pm I went to my school! Yay! I was also nervous. I have no idea why. Idk. Maybe because my dad was there? It's been 2 months?

When I entered there was some girls I knew (not really friends of mine) and they handed out papers.

So first I went to the library to get my I.D. which I'm hoping this year I don't lose it like what I did last year...whoops.

Next, I went to the cafeteria for my schedule as well as to buy an agenda.

I saw a couple of my friends who are guys but they didn't see me LOL. So after like a SUPER long wait just to get my schedule, I finally got it.

My schedule:
Period 1: Intermediate Art
Period 2: English
Period 4: Science Pre-AP
Period 5: BIM (it's a business class which is like microsoft stuff. high school credit i think)
Period 6: French I Pre-AP (when I was little I have always wanted to take french, but my friends are taking Spanish and idk...I also want to take Spanish UGH)
Period 7: US History

2nd semester is the same except for 1 period it's Health Science.

So I bought an agenda ($5...) and then I saw a couple of my friends so I talked to them and stuff. My friends who I sit with at lunch weren't really there so I texted them. One of my friends and I are B Lunch. Yay.

I had to leave kind of early and not hangout with my friends because dad had to pick up my brother from football practice.

So while I was walking, I saw another of my guy friends and I said "hi" and he replied "hello". :p

When my dad and I went outside so we can go to the car, I saw my other friends. They're twins so I was like screaming their name since they were kind of far LOL.

-Katrina #katrinawuvsyou 
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