i was tagged by @kenny-ks
1. pick a song
2. make one of the line from that song the title of your set
3. use an item from this set
4. tag 10 or more people and tell them to do the same
5. ask random question (answer mine too!)
the song i chose is TIK TOK KESHA Parody: Glitter Puke - Key of Awe$ome #13 , and i took the Web clip art
The answer is: the answer would be the modern day Iron Man (Robert downey Jr.). He will save me from the evil clutches of Arsenal and then Kiss ME! (sigh) I love him! Lol
My question is: Can You last 10 minutes of Afro Circus? (To see if you can type the question into YouTube and click on the video, its from the Madagascar trailer and its stuck in my Head! lol)
i tag: @triciamcmillan @mercimasada @sari123 @gothic-pheonix @peachysayspeace @prettyasapicture @boritoth @beachchickxoxo @the-beauty-nerds @slyther-claw @the-leaky-cauldron @claire-alyssa @demi-justin-fan-gryffindor-queen
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